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Listen To The Rain Carefully

Did you ever try to listen carefully to the rain
Did you ever hear it’s silent moans of pain
Ever tried to hear it’s voice of reason
Or did you ignore it throughout the season
Do you take it for granted
Expecting to come when ever it’s a pleasant season
It makes some of you happy
Some of you sad.
Some of you recalling beautiful and memorable moments
Some of you recalling sad and painful moments
Some of you feeling loneliness
Some of you walking in the rain
Wanting your tears to mingle with the rain drops.
Do you cherish its presence?
In the fear of its evanescence

Why haven’t you ever tried to listen to the rain?
It’s every drop is full of pain
Wanting someone to realize
Are you scared to hear its cries of pain?
Why don’t you listen to its reason?
Can’t you see every drop tries to guide you throughout the season?
Please don’t take it for granted
Just listen and try to understand
And if you ever acknowledge the rain
Don’t be scared of its disappearance
Just try to take in the knowledge from its experience

Now will you take out time to listen to the rain?
Will you listen to its moans of pain?


I wrote this back in 2009. It was raining when i wrote this and another one on the very same same. I usually feel happy when it rains, but when i wrote this the world seemed to have so much pain, hate, discrimination, hypocrisy and all so it all triggered the sensitive side of me. I usually don’t write poems in one shot. It takes me sometimes days, weeks or months to complete one poem as im never satisfied with what i write. I always feel like i can make it better. Anyways coming back to the point, i wrote 2 poems about rain in one single day! the other is ‘Rain Cries

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