English, Poetry

Master Named Desire

We all have a master named desire
It lives inside us
Occupies its place itself
It makes us do things we don’t want to do
A master that’s always the possessor
Never ever a possession
It leads us on promising joy
It makes us walk on a path that it shows us
It overshadows our goodness
It engulfs us
It drives us forwards with the threat of pain
In its words, it sings,
Songs of hope,
And laughter
To make us believe in it
It hides all the pain,
And loneliness we can get
It surrounds us from all sides
We treat them like a king or a queen
We chase it,
Hunger for its light and warmth
We serve it like servants,
Fulfill its hunger throughout our lives
It shatters us
Our personalities
Yet we let it possess us


I read i poem here on deviantart a few years back and i liked it alot. I took the title and this is like my version of it.

And honestly the original version is far better than mine! So sorry i don’t remember the name of the writer :(

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