Artwork, Sketches/Drawings

Mother & child series

Mother love can’t be described by words or sketches or anything! Made a few sketches of mother & baby. I love my Dad way more than i love my Mom but i just the moment when a mother puts her child to sleep or love her baby. It’s truly the most beautiful moment to witness.  beauty of the moment, innocence, love, bond of a mother and the baby, mother’s understanding of all the unsaid woes, desires, complains needs, all unspoken words of the child, etc is all that matters. I just love seeing a mother loving her baby and understanding everything that is unsaid. The smile on baby’s face, the precious or ecstatic moment and everything can’t be described in words. A try to portray my inspirations (though I need ALOT of practice but I guess it’s not that bad) and yeah this post is dedicated to all the mothers :D

2 021                                           2 023

2 024                                              2 025

2 026                                          2 027                                                

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