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Music of Nature

I don’t own this image, got it off google

Sky drums a beat as steady as a tide,

Raindrops & ground collide,

Rain creates a rhythm, fast is its pace,

Tears rolling from my eyes matches the beat on my face,

This steady drip-dropping of rain

Makes me wonder if the entire world echoes my pain?

Music of nature & the beat of my heart

Feels like combining into harmonic parts,

The melody made from the pain that life bring

Awakens the thunder, makes it all start to sing.

Listening to the thunder, I cry to sky

It always rains when I’m sad & it knows exactly why?

The flow of my tears strike up a chord,

The pain in my heart feels like a sword

Calming down rain starts to slow,

My heart gathers all woes to make a final song for the last show

Gathering all the strength I can,

I wipe another tear from the corner of my eye,

The last chord of rain lifts my heart towards the sky.. **

By Sahrish Iftikhar. 4th February ’13

**And right after that line I went blank, my mind froze and I couldn’t think of a good ending :(

Wrote this on 4th Feb when it rained but since it was incomplete so I refrained myself from posting it.  On 15th of Feb it rained again and I tried to complete it but ended up with nothing. So I thought I’ll post it anyways as I feel like I’ll never be able to complete this one.

Leaving it incomplete as some of the best things are left unsaid and there’s beauty in things left unsaid so yeah :)

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