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My Best Friend Rain


Today when I cried,
Somebody cried with me,
Letting me empty all my pain,
Shed every single tear I was holding back.
I felt like that somebody felt my pain,
Like I’ve felt its pain in past.
I felt like running with that somebody,
Letting my tears fall from my eyes
Letting ’em mingle in its own tears.
Letting my pain out,
Leaving behind all sorrows,
All worries…

Falling on my knees
Recalling the days without such pain.
But then I realize somebody always come to me when I need it,
Somebody whose always with me,
When I feel lonely,
Somebody comes to share my loneliness,
Changing it into togetherness.
Somebody comes when I feel left out or sad.
When I feel happy,
Somebody comes to share my happiness,
When I feel like crying,
Somebody comes to cry with me.
Somebody never leaves me alone!
Somebody whose like a true friend!
Somebody whose always there for me!
Even if I hate it,
Even if I pray for it never to come again,
It’ll always come to share my joys, happiness, and tears.
My loneliness, sadness and all my fears.

Embracing me in its drops,
Hiding my tears from others,
Washing away all my fears,
Brushing my cheeks,
Wiping off my tears,
Sucking up my whole sadness,
Consoling me,
Filling a new life in me,
Holding my hand,
Taking me to show a world,
A world of happiness,
A world of joy,
A world of sorrows,
A world of sadness,
A world full of loneliness,
A world full of tears,
An existing world that I don’t even notice in my daily life,
An existing world I completely ignore!
An existing world I completely deny!!
Somebody who shows me that I’m not the only one going through hardships,
There are people who have more worries than I have,
They are sadder than I am.
They are lonely and I’m not,
I have my loved ones with me,
They’ve lost theirs’
Whereas I have mine with me!
Though far,
Yet so near,
So close to my heart!
Somebody who shows me people who shed more tears than I shed,
People who have more fears than I have,

This is how someone fills a new hope,
A new strength in me,
Making me thank my CREATOR
For everything I’ve never ever realized,
For everything I’ve never ever thanked for,
This is how someone cheers me up,
This is how someone drains my sadness,
And loneliness.
This is how someone sucks up all my tears,
All my fears.
This is how someone lifts me up!
And that someone is…



Wrote this back in August 2009
I was very sad and crying and it rained. I don’t know how it rains everytime im way sad and im crying or im happy or feel lonely or feel like crying.

Written on 30th of August 2009 1:00 PM

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