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My first ever charcoal sketch

SAVE YOUR TIME & DON’T READ the description!!
Yes I am getting a Business Major degree but only getting it for my parents. being a creative person my interest was always in learning sketching and other creative stuff. So I do write or sketch/draw as a hobby.

The outline of the sketch

I started this way back but didn’t get time to complete it due to studies and university stuff but thanks to yesterday’s (30th November 2011) CNG strike in Karachi and then shortage of transport available on roads I got a day off from university and I finally completed the sketch. :D WOOHOOO.

Mother & child White version
Final sketch with white background ( which later on i felt isn’t looking good so i gave it a black background)
Mother & child Black & white version
Final sketch with black background


About the sketch: it’s a part of my ‘Mother and Child’ series. I love my Dad way more than I love my Mom but I just the moment when a mother puts her child to sleep. It’s the most beautiful moment to witness. Whenever my older sis (my cousin but more than a real sis to me) was or is over, she never put her kids to sleep. It was either my Mom, or me or someone else who did that so when once in a blue moon she did put her kids to sleep it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT to witness!! Though this sketch doesn’t in any way resembles to my older sis or either of my nephews but yeah the beauty of the moment, innocence, love, bond of a mother and a child, mother’s understanding of all the unsaid woes, desires, complains needs, all unspoken words of the child, etc is all that matters. I just love seeing a mother loving her baby and understanding everything that is unsaid. The smile on baby’s face, the precious or ecstatic moment and everything can’t be described in words. A try to portray my inspiration (though I need ALOT of practice but I guess it’s not that bad)
and yeah this is dedicated to all the mothers :D

P.S: I hate strikes and im totally against them im only happy cause I got to give a final look to my sketch. And im just a learner so it might not look that good. Any kind of criticism is more than welcomed :D

Material used:

  • Compressed charcoal
  • Pencil charcoal
  • White Pastel stick & White pastel pencil (since i can’t find white charcoal here in Pakistan)
  • Blending stump
  • Tissue paper
  • Kneaded eraser plus normal eraser and Lyra pen eraser

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