English, Poetry, Poetry for Rain Series


From my eye
A tear drops
A pain held for so long
Lost the battle and drops
Seeing I’m all alone
My smile drops (fades away)
Asking for happiness
Asking for joy
Craving for love
Craving for care
On my knees
I drop
Watching the sky
Shedding people’s tears
My faith drops
Seeing each drop of rain
Crying with me
My heart drops
My silent screams
My silent whispers
Venomous ignorance
My voice drops
Recalling my wounds
My scars ache
Inside me
My soul drops
Loosing my battle
Loosing my life
My defenses drop
Watch how I die
Watch me bleed
And your tears shall drop.


Wrote on 7th of July 2010 when it was raining. This is the seccond last peom i wrote after the last one for a little more than 2 years i didn’t write anything at all. But then resumed writing.

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