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Sunset scene
A sunset scene(kind of) made with colored chalk and simple black marker. Was going to add twigs but then Abdullah(my older nephew) was way too impatient to let me add them anyways used my nephew’s school supplies which he gave me to use and now he wont give this back to me :(
Last year my nephews started school from 1st August 2012 and they got their school supplies and Abdullah went a little crazy and got him self a box of colored chalk which I used to make the sun and he was asked to buy colored computer papers for some art work and projects so he gave me this orange colored paper. And yeah how can I forget Api (cousin sister) gave me her hair spray to use as a substitute for fixative. Even though I didn’t have my art supplies here at Api’s I still created some art :)
PS: My name ‘Sahrish’ means ‘Sunrise’ so this can also depict my life too if I change the title to ‘Sunrise’

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