English, Poetry

That Dark Night


That dark night I was on my terrace
Watching the dark black sky
Full of bright sparking stars
Listening to music
Suddenly I heard someone coming
My mother appeared
She was on the phone
Talking to my Father
She was so worried and so frighten
Fear was clearly visible on her face
I got up and went to her
There was a long silence after the phone was hung up
She turned to me and told me about what had happened
I was shocked
To hear what she had said
I knew I had to console her and give her strength right now
But I simply didn’t know how???
I didn’t knew what to do or how to react
I kept on standing there
I felt like my world felled apart
It got all darkened up
Cause the one I love the most was in pain
I felt like I broke
I felt like I shattered
And scattered
Like a mirror
Couldn’t figure out how to collect my own pieces
And put them back together
I stood there as if I was dead
Not feeling anything
Then suddenly I realized my Mother was still there
Crying and trying to hold her tears
Trying to be strong
I wanted to scream
I wanted to cry
I wanted to hide in my Mother’s arms like a lil child
But instead
I put my self back together
Made my self strong
Buried my own feelings inside
Like I always do
I moved on
Hugged her
Consoled her
Fighting back my own tears in my eyes wiped off hers
“Dun worry mom everything will just be fine” said I
I rushed towards my room
I went inside
Not caring that it was dark
Not caring that I’ve always been afraid of the dark
Without switching on the lights
Slammed the door
Fell on my knees
Lifted up my hands
Tears dropping from my eyes
I looked up
Started crying
I prayed
I begged
For the life of my beloved father
That dark night got darker
And darker
But I didn’t get scared
I didn’t sleep
Just kept on crying
Kept on praying
And kept on begging
Not caring about anything in this world
Then after a long dark night
Came a bright new morning
Sun rising
Birds singing
But I was still on my knees
With my arms up
Tears dropping from my eyes
Still praying
Still begging
I did this till the evening
Then I got up
Went to my mother
Sat beside her
She looked at me and smiled
Said my dad is fine now
I smiled and thanked my CREATOR
People say that dark night was my test
I dunno whether
I passed
Or failed
But that dark night did come to an end!
And my father was fine…

By Sahrish Iftikhar. 17th of October ’08

A poem I wrote on 17th of October 2008. It was a lil effort to give words to my feelings and what i went through on the night of 15th October 2008 and on 16th of October 2008 till my mom didn’t tell me that my dad was fine…oh I forgot to mention my dad went through a surgery on 16th October 2008. And for those who think I don’t love my dad or feel anything here’s the prove people (that I do love my dad and I do care) in form of a poem

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