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The Rain Cries

Tonight when I was on my bed
Slowly I hear its drops fall on my roof
From the window I see it drop on the grass
And on the leaves
I hear its soft whispers
I lay awake hearing the rain drops drip
I hear its cries
I hear its weeps

I get up
Head towards the exist
To feel the rain 
To feel its pain
Feeling its cold mystic breeze
I embrace it’s freezing yet gentle touch
It’s so soothing
Welcoming me,
My tears to mingle in its drops

Do you know it has its own voice?
Try to listen 
You can hear its soft whispers
Hear the song it splatters on the ground
Every single leave hears it
The grass embraces it
And hide its drops of pain

It tried to be strong for a little longer
Then it realized it can’t hold on longer
So it releases all the drops it was holding back
It released the anger
It released the hatred
It released the hurt
It released the exhaustion
It released anxiety
It released depression
The sadness
The loneliness
It released all the pain

The rain cries
The rain mourns
My smile fades
Beneath the tree
I lay
My soul decays
My flesh melts
My skinless body
In the midst of the rain

Over and over
Again and again
It cried and cried
Silently it mourned

Under the tree 
I lay lifeless
What’s left of me?
Above the sky hears
The rain, it cried
And then it dies!


Wrote this the same day i wrote “Listen To The Rain Carefully

I wrote this back in 2009. It was raining when i wrote this and another one on the very same same. I usually feel happy when it rains, but when i wrote this the world seemed to have so much pain, hate, discrimination, hypocrisy and all so it all triggered the sensitive side of me. I usually don’t write poems in one shot. It takes me sometimes days, weeks or months to complete one poem as im never satisfied with what i write. I always feel like i can make it better. Anyways coming back to the point, i wrote 2 poems about rain in one single day!

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