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Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)


Vivid wishes
Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)


We all have wishes. And we all send our wishes to the sky.
I represented wishes with stars because mostly wishes are linked with stars. I know being a Muslim we don’t believe in wishing upon stars but I didn’t know what shape to give to wishes so I chose stars and then showed them turning to birds which means that some wishes go straight away up and are fulfilled without being delayed. As you can see the pattern, birds going up then coming back down.
A friend of mine asked why I didn’t use leaves instead of stars. I really like his idea. Leaves didn’t come in my mind. Making one with the leaves soon :)

Last time I posted a painting of mine on Facebook, one of my friend suggested to add lots of colors in it. So this one is especially for Her :D I tried my best to add lots of colors.

Medium: Watercolors.

P.S: didn’t remove that masking tape. If I did, I’d lose some corners of the stars. And that i don’t want


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