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Worthless Tears On her Grave

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A girl with twisted fate,

Sitting on the stairs,
Looking at the cris cross lines on her palm,
A salty drop of tear falls on the scars on her wrist,
She feels a lil pain,
Another tear drops on her palm,
She closes her palm
To hide her tear
A tear that’s worthless for someone
She says,
There was a time when you use to hide my tears in your palm
Just like I did
You said they were so precious to you
You said they hurt you a lot
And NOW!!!
You’ve left voices in my head
Always with me until I am DEAD!!
You left me alone to bear pain,
You left me with deep penetrating scars…

She said,
When my last tear falls
The darkness that surrounds me calls,
It drags me to a time when you loved me so long ago
When the last shining star burns out and dies
All my hopes fade as I remember your last “good-bye”

When for the first time ever you said,
I swear, I felt like angels sang high above.
It was the harmony of fate with the melody of love.
You tried to pretend that the passion was never there
I longed for you, you longed for me
Love was in the air.

You gave your heart’s desire
Our love burned and grew like a wild-fire
And then it died.
I remember together we watched the stars every night
Maybe it was wrong
But at that time,
It felt so right!

We promised that we’d never part.
Every time you smiled, it warmth my heart.
I promised I’ll stand beside you until my last breath
I promised I’ll be yours until the end of time.
You promised you’ll love me
It was as beautiful as rhyme.

You said you love me
But you left me
I saw you with another
I wonder how you restrain her
And how can you be someone else’s lover?

My aching heart broke,
Just like a shattered glass
A feeling that I have,
I think will never ever pass.

I promised whenever you felt hurt,
Left out,
I’ll protect you in my arms.
No matter what would be the cost!
But now you betrayed me
And my heart is stiff with frost.

Every time I see you
My feelings,
My pain,
My tears I can’t hide.
Can’t you see you’re killing me?
I am dying inside!
Even though it’s worth the pain
Just to see that killing smile of yours again
But the pain you gave me
Is never going to end!

She wiped off her tear,
And say,
I told you one day you’ll cry
You’ll miss me,
You’ll crave for me
But it’ll be too late!
And you’ll curse your fate!
But I still wish for you to never to have pain,
Never to cry,
Never to miss me,
Never to crave for me!

She always stood at his side,
Still hoping some day he’ll return,
He’ll give her the love she deserves,
He’ll give her more love than she gave,
Even though she’s as worthless
As his tears that falls on her grave!

By Sahrish Iftikhar.

Wrote this poem right after reading a story. Got really emotional after reading it :(
The title is actually what the last lines of the story meant. I just tweaked/messed it with a bit.


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