Update! I am still alive!!

Hey there all!

I know I’ve been inactive for quite some time it’s all because of i’m trying to finish my thesis ASAP as it’s driving me crazy :( It’s not like I haven’t sketched/painted or wrote anything at all in the past couple of days. Rest assure I have sketched, painted and just a couple of hours ago I’ve written a new poem as it rained today. I will soon resume posting on my blog. Will also post some Random thoughts/ramblings/ feelings transferred on paper while taking lectures in class or whatever you want to call them.  Yes I do write random things while taking lectures. The thing I’m a multi-tasker in class so I can both do my thing and be attentive throughout the lecture too. I forgot about what I wrote in those lectures but a couple of days back I was going through my old notebooks as I had to give them to some of my juniors because they asked me for them so I was checking them as I have this habit of tucking in important papers/slips/vouchers in my notebooks and never take them out until I need them plus I was flipping pages to see if I’ve jotted down something important or a phone number or an id or something that was important for my my thesis, I found the random rumblings I did in all those lectures.  I think back  in August 2012 i had these random blackouts in classes when million of thoughts started to fight in my head and I couldn’t control them until i transferred them on a piece of paper So I wrote alot more than I normally did before. Had most of my blackout moments in my last semester especially in MIS class but I was attentive throughout the lecture except for once when I just couldn’t focus! But hey I got ‘A’ in that course. So I thought since I’ve shared some of my random poems that I don’t liked after writing them so why not share those random ramblings? And besides someone may like them :P I do miss posting on my blog alot :( will inshAllah resume posting really soon.
Till then take care and keep posting and sharing :D


Sahrish S


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