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My heart still beats with all it’s broken pieces

Broken he

Last night I relived all those happy moment spent with you. I smiled, laughed and with each passing memory I realized I’m starting to fall in love with you all over again. It was beautiful until the sad and painful moments began. My smile faded away. My broken heart broke into several more tiny little pieces and scattered everywhere. Every single scattered piece of my broken heart, near or far kept on screaming,

‘I fell in love with you; don’t know when, why or how i just know i did. It wasn’t something I planned, it just happened. I always knew it was real, it still is and will always be so. I never wanted you to find out about it as I was well aware of the consequences. Never ever wished or asked for you to love me back. All I ever wanted was to love you silently and secretly for the rest of my life without you knowing about it. Never wanted to be a pain for you in any way nor wanted you to feel uneasy and awkward while talking to me. Never wanted to be questioned or judged for ‘why i love you?’ Was it too much to ask for?”

Reliving those moments wasn’t easy at all but I’ve been reliving them for as long as i remember and every single time my heart breaks into several more pieces yet it still beats for you, long for you, miss you with every single beat.


10 thoughts on “My heart still beats with all it’s broken pieces”

  1. Memories – the only one element that keeps us moving with the flow. If there would be no memory to long for, we’d not be having a reason to live with. This writing could be related in so many different ways. The nostalgic feel of memoirs, the glum feel of pain, the longing, the soft sweet and bitter touch – a very good attempt I must say. I’d add, to laugh is to live and to love is to live and die at the same moment. Some memories, though being saddening really helps to keep us moving on. ‘Cause every battle for sure leaves a lesson. Be it with weapons or feelings inside!


    1. I love your comment and i couldn’t agree more with whatever you said there :) i’m really happy to read your comment =D thank you so much for adding so much =^_^= <3 <3


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