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A random Charcoal sketch

It’s been ages since I posted a new sketch that I did in my free time so here’s one :)

drop and heart 001

I saw a picture on Facebook I liked it and I decided I’ll try to replicate it but it was colorful and when it comes to art I’m a person who prefers Black & white over colors. I enjoy and I love playing with black and light more as I believe they brings out a beauty that colors don’t. Charcoal being my all time favorite medium helps me achieve that beauty. This drop isn’t as good as one of my previous sketch of a drop but I guess this isn’t that bad either.

Material used:

  • Compressed charcoal
  • Pencil charcoal
  • White Pastel stick & White pastel pencil (since I can’t find white charcoal here in Pakistan)
  • Blending stump
  • Tissue paper
  • Kneaded eraser plus normal eraser and Lyra pen eraser

P.S: I no longer have the original picture as my laptop’s hard drive crashed 2 months back so I lost everything that was on it. I tried to find the original picture on both on Google and Facebook, couldn’t find it so can’t share the original picture or provide a link to it.

12 thoughts on “A random Charcoal sketch”

  1. wow !!! So you do this too ? Wow !! You are so multi-talented I never knew ! Love this sketch….I do try sketching sometimes but you are such an artist !! Love it.


    1. Yes i did this sketch and all the other sketches and paintings on my blog :) Infact my display pic is a sketch too :) didn’t post the full version of it yet. Yeah Alhamulilah i am multi-talented when it comes to creativity and art :) I would love to see your sketches :D I am still learning :) And thank you so much for loving my sketch :D really means a lot!
      Love xx


      1. wow !! I am in love with your sketches …. From where did you learn all that ? Are you a student of arts or by yourself ? I love drawing and sketching but when I see the work of you guys I am scared I can’t ever do things like that ! You are the best ! Really amazing :)


      2. My Mom is really creative and is very good at art so i inherited it from her :) I am not a student of art but a graduate of Business administration :) I never took any special classes for sketching, learnt it on my own. And don’t be scared my dear. If i can do it so can you. Practice is what makes perfect. And you can do it. You can do great sketches and drawing just don’t think that you can’t as that is what makes a person weak. Keep practicing and you’ll be way better than i am :)


      3. Oh kaaay That is impressive ! :) A student of BBA and such a good artist ! Great :) And thanks for the uplifting comment :D I will start practice again soon just cuz of you ! I love you :) xx


      4. There is a whole story behind how i got into BBA but art has always been something i am good at :D anytime my dear :D glad i could her :D Love you too :) xx


      5. I am really happy to know that you would love to see more of my drawing and sketches :) will be posting them from time to time :)
        Love xx


  2. heyyy this is so beautiful….this is my goal
    i just wanted to know where did you get the kneaded eraser from?? and where do you shop your supplies from???
    thanks xx

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