Second Nomination/ 7 Facts about me


I got nominated for the second time for an award by the amazing  White pearl Yayyyy :D She was so kind to nominate me for the Shine On Award. I am really honored and I am really thankful to her for this :D


Shine On Award

So the rules are very simple. I have to write 7 facts about me and Nominate 15 people. But since i don’t know much bloggers or get to interact with them so i might not be able to nominate all 15 people.  So lets begin, shall we:

*7 Facts About Me :

1- My name actually is ‘Sah-rish’ but people think its ‘Sehrish’ which is not.  They both are two different name with different meaning but sometimes i let people call me Sehrish because I hate it when people in an attempt to call me ‘Sahrish’ pronounce my name weirdly.

2- I love kids and that is the reason I adore my cousin’s 3 kids to death and they love me back and consider me their real Aani/Khala/Aunt. One of them is totally my and my mom’s baby because technically we brought him up like his mom since the day my cousin brought him home from the hospital and till the age of 2 he spent every single day and night with me and my mom. Still we take care of him like our baby :D

3- I can not cook desi dishes :( The only desi dishes i can ever cook are:

  1. Channay ki daal ka halwa because my Nano and dad loves it so i have tried to make it a couple of times and i am kind of good at making it. I said kind of because i did mess it up once or twice ;)
  2. Biryani and that is all because of my sister who is a die-hard biryani lover so she made me cook it so much that I got expert in making it otherwise i am an expert cook of non-desi stuff which is so my thing especially baking! Love it :D

4- I talk in my sleep and i cry too if I am having a bad dream. Plus if i am in deep sleep and someone wakes me up I would get mad and say something which i wouldn’t even remember after waking up. Hehe yes i am crazy :)

5- Since i didn’t have any friend till the age of 16 so I had an invisible friend till the age of 8 and her name was Marry (all because of the nursery rhyme ‘Marry had a little lamb’) :p Not even my parents know i had an invisible friend ;)

6- Once i made my younger sister eat lentil soaked in soap water when she was an year old or maybe a little more older than that. Don’t judge me i was 5 or 6 at that time. I gave her just 1 spoon and she kept on asking for more :(

7- I can never ever tell or explain something without going in detail even if i try really hard to keep it short it’ll still go on and on hence these facts are detailed :p Don’t know if they were supposed to be detailed or not :/

* Nominations for This award :

1– Hina K or IFRAGRANCE 

2- Hira Nazir

3- Mahoor Jamal

I can’t nominate any more as i have limited friends in Blooger world :( Sorry White Pearl :( but seriously I really appreciate your kindness.


14 thoughts on “Second Nomination/ 7 Facts about me”

  1. Lol just love all the facts ! Every fact made me smile you sound so fun ! So what should I call you ‘sahrish’ or ‘sehrish’ ? :P And Kids oh I love them too but never happen to take care of any kid :( All my cousins having kids live far away from here :( I guess I will take care of my own aafter some time ;) :P :P I hope I know cooking anything too :( I do’t really I can’t even lit fire in the stove…I am scared of fire :( lol I love eating though :P You are a good cook :) And I talk while sleeping too lol We both are crazy i guess :P Say my hi to your invisible friend I would love to meet her :P I was lovely reading about you and Detail is always good :) Ask me :P People keep saying me “Kabi bol b lia kero :P ” Love you ! xx


    1. Happy to know you loved all the facts :)
      You smiled = Mission accomplished :D haha. I can be fun and boring at the same time :P In real life if i meet someone im so shy i wouldn’t even speak and they would have to beg me to speak.
      You can call me by whichever name you like :) Aww! thats so bad :( Haha. Your kids will love you so much inshAllah :D You will learn cooking :) Its not that bad. I know cooking as my dad use to bake cakes for us on our birthdays so he got me into baking and i baked my first ever cake with his help at the age of 7 then i started cooking :) My dad encouraged me alot with cooking and baking. He was the one who brought ingredients for me to experiments with me and he use to forbid my mom from using them ;) :) Being crazy is good na ;) :D I’ll say Hi to my invisible friend if i can find her :) i would too love to meet her again to see what she became and all :p


      1. Lol happy for your mission :P Oh so we both are the same in tis….we speak less and write more ;)
        Lol at 7 ? wow ! You must be the best baker by now :P I am not sure I can learn cooking lol but I watch cooking shows more often lol
        Love you ! :) xx


      2. Yes we are same ;)
        Well not best but yeah i am pretty good at baking :D
        You can learn cooking. My cousin before getting married never ever in her life entered kitchen but now she is an expert cook. You’ll learn with time :)
        Love you more! :) xx


      3. Lol same was the case with my mom ! She didn’t know cooking before her marriage and now She is the best ;) I guess I should walk on her foot steps :P xx


  2. Hahahaha! You were right it DID make me laugh :D Your dream reminded me of “my” dream AND the lentil thing with your sister, hilarious! HAHAHA! She kept asking for more LOL! :P


    1. See i told you you’d laugh :D
      HAHAHAHA! She did. When i gave her the first spoon i thought she would spit it out but she started chewing it I thought maybe she didn’t taste the soap so maybe after chewing a bit she’ll taste it and spit it out but she swallowed it, opened her mouth and asked for more. :/ A few months back i told her about it and she was like ‘Why did you do that to me? What did i ever do to you?’. We all had a good laugh at it ;)


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