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Sketch made by me

Lonely me 
Lonely nights 
Lonely street lights 
A special friend 
A special someone 
Every where searches my lonely sights 

Lonely me 
Lonely you 
Lonely people 
Isn’t is so very true 

Lonely life 
Lonely death 
Life’s last words spoken 
Is just a lonely breath 

Sharing pain 
Sharing woes 
That’s as far 
As a lonely soul goes 

Seeking for the right 
Seeking my sight 
Now my loneliness 
Is at its height 

Blaming aches 
Blaming pains 
Blaming myself 
Are my own veins 

Knowing not 
What I should do 
Knowing not 
What to do? 
Knowing not what should be done 
Lonely me living in despair 

Dying here 
Dying there 
Lonely me 
Is every where.

By Sahrish Iftikhar

P.S: Its Eid shouldn’t be posting anything sad but this is a poem and an old sketch I wrote a couple of years back, found out while cleaning my room. Some memories made me post this.

14 thoughts on “Lonely”

    1. Hey it’s Eid don’t be sad my dear . Eid Mubarak to you and your Family :)
      That creature is actually a cute version of me. I wrote this when i was living away from my family for the first time ever. That just came naturally. Thank you for loving the words :)


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