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If My Heart Stopped, Would You Miss Me?


With tear filled eyes,
Sorrowful cries
I sit in a dark corner
Shattered into pieces
Alone is a small word for what I am
What I’m going through is more than I can stand
I wonder if I die will anyone care
At my funeral will anyone be there
Will anyone cry?
To see me soul-less
Leaving behind all my sorrow,
Pain and cries

In the mirror my reflection I stare
All my thoughts are more than enough to bear
Filled with wrath
Filled with greed
Filled with pain
Filled with loneliness
Filled with emptiness
Filled with tears
Shall I let sins consume me?
From the mirror I look at my lonely shadow on the wall
I sigh
I sob
Then I look at my wrist
I look at the scars
I clench my fist

With envy I look at the ones who have a true and a very special friend
Their heart will always find a way to mend
Their tears will always be wiped off
Their cries will always be turned into smiles
Their screams will always be heard
Their wounds will always heal
They’ll always smile for real
Their loneliness will always be replaced by togetherness
They’ll always find someone to be hugged by

Is there something wrong with me?
Is there something I lack?
Is there something I do to hurt people?
Is there something I can’t see?
My heart shatters with every single tear
If I scream or mourn with pain
Will anyone hear?

I drop on my knees
Cry even harder
For a moment I think
Why should I cry?
Why should I care?
If all these thoughts are more than enough to bear
Then why should I think
Why not just be numb
I grab a blade,
Slice my thumb
The blood spill down
Flow on the floor
I watch my blood
Rip from my thumb
Then I think of cutting myself more
I place the blade on my wrist
From my eye a tear leaks
About to slice my wrist
I stopped
And thought
Why should I die?
I place my hand on my heart

and whisper:

“If it stopped, would you miss me?”

By Sahrish Iftikhar. 11th August ’13

Note: Not my best or not even good enough to read but this is what happens when you miss someone you are not supposed to miss and it gets even worse when NOTHING seem distracting. How are you suppose to NOT miss a person your mind can’t stop thinking about, your heart can’t stop missing?


17 thoughts on “If My Heart Stopped, Would You Miss Me?”

  1. This is really really wonderfully and beautifully written….. Very sad and heart touching but yes very true ! Everyone misses us yet no life stops with our absence ! I can understand the emotions as I go through the same sometimes in loneliness and depression……Very brilliantly written !


  2. Oh my God.
    This is pretty beautiful!
    Something worth reading.
    Sahrish, I know how it feels like. You're trying your best to throw this one person out of your head and yet he lingers there, holding onto the roots of your mind with greater force.
    But once you get busy, you forget.
    Yes, that's the truth.
    Anyway, it was superb.


  3. Oh dear u have just given voice to some very deep emotions that we mostly don’t share with people around us. It doesn’t seems just a poem, it shows your struggle and how you fought with the persons memories. Tbh, u made some tears rolled down my eyes girl. Such a touching poetic piece.


  4. I know it’s just a poem, but even we with friends, and loved ones, still don’t always end up with smiles and happiness, with someone to pull us out of it. But I like the poem, and I feel your pain.


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