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Smile, Hope, And Be strong.

smile of hope[8]


Hold my hand,

Hold it tight.

Place your head,

on my shoulder.

Still don’t feel secure?

Still don’t find any comfort?


Let me put my arms around you,

Cage you in them,

Hug you tightly.

Close your eyes,

Whisper all your worries and sorrows,

in my ears.

Let them out,

I’ll lock all of them,

far away from you,

Never to let them hurt you ever again.

Tell me,

Tell me what do you fear?

Mean, bad people?


I’m standing right beside you,

When they’ll come to hurt you,

I’ll step forward,

Stand right in front you,

To protect you from all those cruel heartless people.


Look into my eyes,



And be strong.


Place your hand,

on my heart.

Feel it beating?

It beats only for you.

Make every beat your strength,

To hold on.



And Be strong.

I’m here,

When no one is near,

I’ll always be there with you when no one else will.

I’ll never ever give up on you,

Whatever the odds may be

By Sahrish Iftikhar.

PS: Wrote this for my mom when I was 10 exactly when my dad had a stroke and got half his body paralyzed. Wrote it to show my support and tell her I’m always beside her and she is not alone in this but never gave it to her.

12 thoughts on “Smile, Hope, And Be strong.”

  1. Such beautiful and such comforting poem…… I really felt the feelings hidden inside ! Love it. Sorry to hear about what your mother had to go through…. I respect your honest Love for your mother :) I hop everything gets fine at your side ! Love xx


    1. Thank you so much for liking it and thank you so much for your kind words :)
      You always leave a BIG SMILE on my face with your comments :D Stay blessed always.
      Keep smiling!
      Love xx


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