Ok I’ve been really off the track and have been majorly neglecting my blog. I got nominated for an award 2 nights back and it reminded me I missed 2 previous nominations. So I thought I’d do a combine post to thank the bloggers who nominated me and also fulfill the requirements to receive the awards. Thank you So much White Pearl, Maria and Fahaad for being so kind to nominate me for those awards. I’m truly humbled :)

So lets begin.

The very first nomination I missed was by White Pearl , she nominated me for the Sweetness Overload Award

Thanks Sweets for such a sweet Awards :D I can’t be super sweet enough to thank you enough for it. It makes me feel really good and sweet :p I love You !super-sweet-blogging-awardOk so the rules are, in order to formally receive this award I have to:

  1. Answer Super Sweet Questions White Pearl asked
  2. Nominate a few bloggers

So the questions are:

  1. Cookies or Cake? Cookies if I’m hungry and I’ve got nothing to eat. Milk and cookies *I know sounds childish but who cares? You are never too old to have them* are my best friends for either breakfast or night time when I feel hungry. Also I have got to have them while studying. It’s like a must for me. Cakes for any special occasions. Love eating them and love making them too. Name a cake and I’ll bake it for you. I’m always baking cakes for my loved ones or anyone who asks me for their special moments. However, at times I do mess decorating them but hey who cares if it doesn’t look like a professional bakery made cakes as long as it tastes good, right? My dad, sister, nephews and niece can barely wait for me to frost the cake. They attack on it straight out of the oven. And not to brag or anything but my cakes always turn out to taste great *Alhamdulilah* *proud moment(s)*. Let me share a photo

    Cookie Monster and Elmo. Made these mini cakes for my darling nephews.
    Cookie Monster and Elmo.
    Made these mini cakes for my darling nephews.
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? – Chocolate all the way! I’m a die-hard chocolate lover. Love eating it. I’ll never say no to a chocolate regardless of whatever harm it may bring to me or my health. I always have a bar of chocolate with me where ever I go and 1 big bar hidden somewhere in my room for those rainy days of cravings. I’ve tried every kind of chocolate be it dark, white, milk, swiss, caramel filled, center-filled, nuts filled *have a love/hate relationship with them*, plain chocolate, you name it and I have tried it. Dark chocolate is love for me so is any kind of chocolate. Love playing around with chocolate for cakes and desserts too. Wana give me something give me a bar of chocolate.
  3. Favorite sweet dish? – ok this is hard to pick as I’ve got a sweet tooth. Kheer, puddings, sewaiyan, sheer khorma, custurds, you name it and I’ll say, ‘Yes, its my favorite’
  4. When do you crave sweet things most? – Mostly while studying or after dinner or when I’m extremely stressed *I know sounds weird*
  5. Sweet nickname? – Well I have a lot of nicknames as my real name is hard to pronounce. One of my friends calls me ‘Cherry’. Cherries are sweet, right?

I’m done! Well I won’t nominate anyone as late plus I don’t know much bloggers and the ones I know are already nominated so I’ll pass but White Pearl, A BIG THANK YOU to you my dear for nominating me and saying all those sweet words for me :) I’m truly humbled and I Love you <3 stay blessed always!


The second nomination I missed was by Maria , she nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award

Thank you so much Maria, it really means a lot to me.


The award rules

Display the award logo on your blog.

Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

I’m skipping nominating bloggers for 2 reasons, one is already mentioned above and the second one is that the nomination itself is a huge honor for me :) Thank you Maria for being so kind :) thank you so much for all the kind words and that you are inspired by my work. I’m truly humbled. It really means a lot to me. I love you. Stay blessed


Ok now the very recent nomination with some very interesting questions. Fahaad *that’s how he likes to write his name* nominated me for the Autumn Liebster Award *I have absolutely no clue how to pronounce that middle word*

So in order to  accept this award, I have to answer a few questions on my blog. So lets begin, shall we?

The questions are:

Q1. What really pisses you off?

I try not to let anything piss me off but then there are things that really pisses me off and at times I can’t help it. They *things I can think of at the moment* are:

  1. when people argue with me *without knowing the actual meaning* that ‘Sahrish’ *my name* and ‘Sehrish’ *not my name but i let people call me that as my name is difficult to pronounce* are both same names. Heck they are not same. My mother spent more than a month researching to find a unique name for me. Also I did the research *about the meaning of my name off course* myself too *obviously when I got sensible enough to understand things better* So we know that they are two completely different names with completely different meanings. And besides its my name, who else other than me would know what it means better? Huh? I don’t mind being called ‘Sehrish’ at all but arguments about both names being same, that I mind. *yes I have a temper too*
  2. when people argue with me *without knowing the actual facts* about anything.
  3. when people are not punctual. I reach a place to meet them before time and they don’t even make it on time. Also re-schedules, hate them.
  4. when people who know how sincere I am yet they question my sincerity.
  5. when people color roads and walls by spitting left over paan. HATE IT!!

Q2. What do you feel when you think about death?

The thought of death scares the crap out of me.

Q3. will you rather have a really close group of friends or a life partner you have always wished, hoped, dreamed of?

To be very honest I have never thought about my life partner in my entire life. Not even once. Hard to believe but that’s true. Never wished, hoped or dreamed for him either I know it may sound wrong but I have my reasons for that. So I’d rather have a close group of friend or just one very close friend. I know sounds unrealistic but that how it is for me.

Q4. best fiction series for you?

Err.. hard to pick. I’d go with Anna series.

Q5. what do you miss most about your future?

People who passed away(RIP) before me making them proud and seeing that happiness on their face. Other than that I don’t miss anything  else.

*I cheated with this question*

Q6. do grades matter?

For me, no. For the world, yes. Big time. That’s all they ask about. They make it the foundation/base of success whereas it can’t be as one can cheat with grades but the thing that matters is whats in that brain of yours. Yes grades do make one’s CV shine like a bright star but just as the stars are useless and can’t shine without the night sky so are grades without knowledge.

Q7. who invented Vitamin C?

I don’t know :S Oh wait, I can Google, right? Sorry I’m too lazy to do that so I’ll pass this question :p

Q8. do you want to get famous? why or why not?

Yes because it’ll help me spread more happiness. I’d be able to help more and will get a lot more prayers than I get now.

No because then I won’t have a thing called ‘Peace’ in my life *if that makes any sense*

Q9. what are your views on democracy?

I have a love and hate relationship with it. Not going to say anymore *sorry*

Q10. pizza, cake or briyani?

You are asking that from a foodie? All of them, Duh!

Thank you Fahaad for the nomination and the kind words you said about me :)

Hope you enjoyed my answers. If not, feel free to share your thoughts :)

Sorry for being really bad at some places.




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