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Ever Regretted Knowing Your Own Self??

Reema Abood
Quote By Khalil Gibran, Image and concept by Reema Abood

We are human and we have had moments where we have regretted knowing people or just a single person. We wish we never met them, never knew them. I have a question,

Ever regretted knowing your own self??

Never thought about it, right? You must be wondering why this thought came in mind. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Idle mind is a very dangerous thing. As strange as it may sound, it makes you wise and destroy you at the same time.  George Carlin just didn’t say, ‘ Never let the brain idle. ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s‘ just like that. He must have had reasons behind it. And if we just reminisce about those times when we were idle for too long there were times when we sulk into the sea of depression just because our brain was idle and we were ‘thinking‘ too much.

Idle mind makes one think a lot that too things that never occur to people or things people deny or run away from. Also the things one shouldn’t be thinking.I rarely watch TV. So a few days back *one of those blue moons kind of day* while I was watching some tv show, don’t remember the name though *see my lack of interest in watching tv* the actress in that show suddenly started screaming, ‘I regret the moment I met you. I wish I never met you. I regret knowing you.’ The latter part ‘I regret knowing you’ got stuck in my head. It was that very thought that let loose a series of thoughts to run in a scroll through my mind. It made my idle mind restless and start functioning in a strange manner *Duh! Idle mind works in a strange manner*

So the other day while I was sitting idle the very same thought *that got stuck in my head* made me think more about it. More thoughts started to pop up in my mind and what struck me was ‘dark sides‘ which reminded me of the quote in the picture above which says, ‘We are like the bright moon, we still have our dark sides’ – Khalil Gibran.  Let’s face it, we all have a side we don’t show to everyone. You can not open to everyone. Sometimes you can’t even share some facts about yourself even with those who knows everything about you. We don’t share them because we fear the moment we let them out people who mean the world to us will start slipping away from us. So those facts *lets me rephrase it* ‘secrets‘, they remain buried inside you until the day you depart this world.

That’s not where my idle mind got rest. It kept on flashing more thoughts. Let me come to them. We all try to discover who we truly are, don’t we? We dig deep down in our souls to find out who we are, what we are capable of doing. We keep on digging until we hit rock bottom where there is nothing else to find. My question is, ‘ever regretted digging deep down in your soul just because while digging you found those dark deep-rooted fragments of your soul you wish you never found?’ Yet you didn’t stop digging in hope of finding some good fragments. But ‘what did you do when the deeper you dug the more darker fragments of your soul you found?’

* Now you see the dangerous power of an idle mind?*

I ask again. ‘Ever regretted knowing your own self?’

Think about it and do let me know your thoughts on this.


PS: With this post I do not intend to make anyone regret knowing themselves. Knowing yourself is a good thing but one should always be positive about themselves. It’s just a thought of an idle mind and a question. Nothing else. Remember that!

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