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1 Year Anniversary!

So today my notifications had this news on the top:

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 1 year ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!



So today marks a whole year of me joining WordPress. Today is the day this blog was born.

Well to be honest I have been a part of the bloggers’ world for the past 6 to 7 years, I believe. My first ever blog was a Blogspot blog which is still alive but its a private blog. I used it to blurt out all my thoughts there but never shared it with anyone. I joined WordPress a year back in hope of being able to share my thoughts with the world or with someone who can relate to them in some way. I guess I have pretty much failed in keeping this blog alive. Recently it turned in to an obituary/memorial blog which was never my intention in the first place but it did some how. It’s not that i am not writing up blog posts. Trust me I do write them but they ended up being saved as draft. Why that happens is because there has been A LOT going on and my head is filled with a bazillion thoughts and then my being extra observant by nature complicates it even more hence, I refrain hitting that blue button. However, I do publish it all on the other blog regularly that too without any hesitation. Lets just say I am a lazy blogger who is majorly neglecting her blog and disappointing those few reader she has. I am really sorry for that.

So lets talk about this blog a bit. Initially it was called “SahrishS” with a tagline, “An escape to the other side or the other world”. The reason why I chose that tagline was, sometimes you just want an escape from reality, from pretending everything is alright as it’s so very painful and it hurts so bad when you’re all alone haunted by thoughts and memories. Then I changed it to “Sahrish Iftikhar”, tagline, Art. Creativity. Words. Moments. Randomness. I observe deeply, think deep hence I speak my heart out about the realities and ridiculousness that comes along with life and it may sometimes reflect negativity but it’s not”. Recent change was “Shades of sunrise”, taglineCollection of creativity and inspirations of a self-learned artist. Expressions of an introvert. Moments of life. Observations of a keen observer. Sobs of a ‘NOT SPECIAL’ for the ones who ‘MATTER’ . Thoughts of an idle mind. Whispers of a broken heart that aches for broken and lost souls in pain and suffering. Words of a seeker who is in search of long-lost humanity. People ask me, Why ‘shades of sunrise’?”  Well the answer is very simple. ‘Sunrise’ is what my name ‘Sahrish’ means. ‘Shades’? Well different shades/sides of me or the different stuff my post are about.

I still remember who my first ever follower was. It was none other than Hira Nazir. She came and went through my entire blog, liked and appreciated my artwork and poetry. She was the first one to nominate me for the first ever blog award. Other bloggers I’d like to mention are Hina, Mahnoor, Maryam, Khaula, Lala Rukh, Maria, Fahaad, and Kiran. Thank you for all the love and support. I can never ever thank you enough.

I won’t make this a very long post. I will try to revive this blog. Until than remember me in prayers as I need them the most. If you are an old follower and have read whatever I have published than thank you for sticking around. If you are a new follower then welcome aboard!


5 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary!”

  1. Congratulations, lady. :D
    Don’t you worry though, most of us are lazy. Like really, really lazy. :D
    And all these great people you’ve mentioned, have idk helped so many people get around. They’re just legends. :P
    Anyway. Again. You are loved, and so is your blog. Keep writing. :D


  2. Congratulations! :)
    Its really hard to maintain a blog! I wonder, how others put up a new post every other day! I am TOO lazy at this. :P
    No need to worry ;)
    Just keep blogging. :)


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