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A late dedication post for the lovely Lala Rukh

This is purely a dedication post and it is dedicated to a very lovely blogger friend of mine who got married on 15th of Feb ’14. She is the amazing Lala Rukh! I was planning on doing this post way back in December but things have been really crazy for me so didn’t get it done then. Now I have been super busy with work so yeah I know I am  really late but hey, better late than never, right?

So let me tell you why Lala rukh is special. She is extremely sweet, loving, caring, humble and down to earth girl. One of the most kind-hearted girls I know.Truly beautiful inside-out and extremely talented. She is a girl one can instantly fall in love with. She is always there for you. She understands what most, a lot of people are unable to understand like she reads deeply in between all those lines. She is that one person I can relate to on so many different levels except that she is a lot more stronger than I am.

Lala Rukh I wish you all the happiness and success in this world and here after. May all the things, memories, bad incidents that haunted you in past never haunt you ever again. May this new beginning bring infinite happiness, success and love in your life. May you smile all the time. May sadness, sorrows, worries and all the bad stuff stay miles and miles away from you.

Loads of prayers and good wishes for you my dear. May Allah bless you in every way possible.

Maria in one of hers posts from “wedding week” wrote:

“Lalarukh, the first most beautiful and noticeable thing about you, which I like a lot, is your name. And the second best thing I think, is your sincerity and creativity.” Maria. 

You know what I have the same sentiments about you. I love your name. Its beautiful and unique just like the person you are. You are extremely sincere be it with people or with your words/posts. I love how you impeccably weave emotion, thoughts, feelings and realities into words making them so beautiful and creative.

You have various shades (not bad one) which your writing reflects. You are a person who feels so deeply which most people lack. Your heart ache for anyone in pain or sorrow. So as I said, you are unique just like your name. Stay just the way you are because my dear you are perfect!

I have no doubt that you must have looked stunningly gorgeous on your day and your beauty must have filled the entire place leaving people awestruck.

May your journey of married life be full of amazing beautiful moments to hold on and cherish later. may you two stay blessed and happy together till the end of time and may your love and understanding increase every passing moment.

I can go on and on and on about her but trust me I can never have enough words to describe how truly amazing she is. So here’s me stopping before I ruin this dedication as I have gotten pretty bad with word.

P.S: Lala Rukh this post may not be very good but believe me my heart is full of endless love, prayers and respect for you.


3 thoughts on “A late dedication post for the lovely Lala Rukh”

  1. Ameen Summa Ameen on all your beautiful duaas, Sahrish! She sure is amazing, and has that wonderful talent of weaving emotions and realities creatively into words! Loved your dedication post. :)


  2. Omg wow a dedication post is laying here, just like that, and no one told me about it. It was a mere coincidence that I saw it today…. wow Sehrish, Thank you so very very much for all of this. I really needed these kind of words right now…..and I don’t know what to say…..
    And yeah this is me :P
    Love you so much for valuing me !


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