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An unaccepted Birthday Wish

You know whats really sad and heart breaking? When you call your nephew to wish him on his birthday, he says, ” I don’t want your wish when you are not here. You’re never here anymore. I miss you and I want YOU to be here with me like you used to be” and he bursts into tears. THAT is REALLY SAD AND HEART BREAKING!!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, my nephew who turned 5 today and isn’t accepting my wish. I miss him so very much.


Whats even more sad is, I raised him as my own baby so I witnessed every little or big moment of his life and now I am missing out on everything. He is right, I am no longer there for him anymore. Its been 2 months I haven’t seen him. Life changes and we get so helpless. I hope I can make up to him this weekend.


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