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Nothing matters ever!

Never even for a moment think anyone has time for you or that you matter to anyone. Its the biggest and the most ugliest lie ever! And don’t even think about whatever the heck you do for anyone. That too will NEVER matter! You’ll always be treated like a stranger and this time don’t even try to think about whatever you’ve done for anyone or how many limits you have crossed for anyone! No one will understand no matter how close they are to you or how many times you have actually told them how dear you hold them or how special they are to you and what exactly do they mean to you. Whatever you do is just batshit to them!


4 thoughts on “Nothing matters ever!”

  1. I agree with you 10/10
    Don’t expect shit from anyone. Not for a moment. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. People forget easy. Most of them won’t be there for you tomorrow. Look for the ones that will stick with you.


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