Lets share happiness, let’s eat together – Coca Cola

Coco cola came up with yet another ad, once again aimed towards the importance of eating together. What’s new this time is the inclusion of a new element that makes a family dinner even more memorable which is the presence of an elderly family member.

The ad kicks off with a family of five where an elderly person is sharing his story with full energy and a teenager boy and a little girl are listening to him with full concentration. While the family is enjoying those stories, the father picks up his phone and gets busy with it. As soon as Dada jaan sees it, he stops talking. The silence makes the wife snatch the phone from her husband’s hands and give him an angry look which makes the husband realize his mistake while the wife takes control of the situation and asks what happens next? At which Dada jaan cheers up and continues. Everyone laughs and the narrator chimes “Kyun na yeh ehsas roz jagain… Chalo Saath Khayen”


What I love about this ad is how Coca cola has triggered yet another forgotten essence of the presence of an elderly family member and their stories. Their stories, no matter how many times being repeated do have a special essence to it.


Coco cola always encourages the importance of family values and always delivers strong messages with simple yet beautiful executions. That’s what makes it a strong competitor to its rival existing in market.


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