Hoping against hope..

Brilliantly written. Covers every emotion, every feeling we all are experiencing at the moment

Kalam Kaghaz

vigilIs kahaani ko

Kon rokay ga

Umar yeh saari

Kon sochay ga

Kia tamasha hai

Kub say jaari hai

Zindagi hai khel

Phir bhe jaari hai….

48 hours have passed to the dreadful incident as I write but the lament mourning for those kids who never found a way back home continues. Life goes on, millions of kids still wake up and rush to schools, the moving part of everyday life is in routine but mental and emotional exhaustion trying to contemplate this heinous act of barbarism. With every terrorist activity, we wonder what could be worse? From borders to airports to army headquarters to Malala, we have witnessed it all but slaughtering 130 children today, a part of me a part of you a part of all of us has just become numb forever. Whatever be the motive behind whatever be the reasons, does this butchery justifies the fight…

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