When we talk about brands that “stand out”, Mountain Dew is one of the names that instantly pop up in our minds. Recently, the brand revamped its bottles from green to neon green. The idea behind it was to stand out, make a statement and attract young daring and adventurous audience which happens to be brand’s target market.

According to the Marketing Director of Pepsi Co. Maliha Subhani, “Mountain Dew in a brand you can’t put in a box. It is a brand that instigates originality and refuses to follow – It inspires by leading”

Mountain Dew always makes a very clear point that it caters a completely different target audience. The brand always comes up with very adventurous ads which paint a very clear picture of how the brand is different from others.

Once these vibrant neon bottles hit the market, they will definitely affect the purchasing decision of frequent or non-frequent beverage consumers, as this drink will shine through to catch a lot of attention.

PS: This was a write-up for a test. Posting it on my blog. No images, sorry for that.

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