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How FoodPanda & 14th Street Pizza Co Unrolled 10 Incher made my day

*This isn’t a paid review.*

Who likes their last day at work? Nobody right? Even if you are moving on for good, your last day makes you emotional for so many reasons. So it was my last day at work and after handing over everything I decided to go through my personal emails. I stumbled upon this particular one with “FoodPanda Review ” as the subject-line. If you know me than you know that 2 of my absolute loves include:

  1. Food
  2. Panda

FoodPanda LogoIf you combine both, you get FoodPanda which an online food delivery from over 1000+ restaurants in major cities of Pakistan. It offers amazing deals throughout the year which makes you love both the Panda and FoodPanda even more. So as I was saying I got this email mentioning that they have collaborated with 14th Street Pizza & Co and will soon launch 14th-Street-Hi-Res-Logoexclusive flavors for FoodPanda users. And some of the food bloggers get to taste it even before its launched. Awesome, no? But the problem was that the offer was for the next day and I already knew that 14th Street do not deliver where I live. I replied to the email, thanking them for the offer and turning down the offer. But here’s the best part, the amazing Panda saved the day by not only arranging it for the same day but turning my frown into a big smile and making it a happy and memorable day for me.

Their Original Unrolled 10 Incher:

  1. BBQ Chicken
  2. Fiery Chicken
  3. Lemon Garlic Chicken

I ordered the Fiery Chicken and Lemon Garlic Chicken both in Mild. Initially, I placed the order for Fiery Chicken in Extra Hot but the representative told me it’ll get too hot as it’s already hot. So I changed it to mild. My suggestion for all those spice lovers is that get it in Hot or Extra Hot. The order reached me on time. I shared it with my family and had great family time.

Fiery Chicken in Mild

They call these #Unrolled10Incher. Their claim is “More pizza in every bite”, which to be honest it true. With a thin crust, sides unrolled, graciously topped with cheese and veggies of my choice, both Fiery Chicken & Lemon Garlic Chicken were moist from the first bite till the last. I loved the concept of unrolled sides as I really don’t like those puffy sides unless they are filled with a stuffing.

Lemon Garlic Chicken in mild

The star for me was the Lemon Garlic chicken as it was a different flavor with the perfect blend of lemon and garlic neither of which was overpowering but perfectly balanced. My family on the other hand loved the Fiery Chicken Off course for the love of spicy flavors but they too couldn’t resist saying that Lemon Garlic Chicken was a different flavor.

To sum up my review, both the pizzas were great in taste from first till the last bite. Thin crust. Weren’t too heavy or bland or over spiced but perfectly balanced and light in all aspects. It was indeed more pizza in every bite. Thank you both FoodPanda and 14th Street Pizza for making my day! :)

Keep up the good work!

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