Foodpanda iDonate campaign during the #monthofblessings because #foodpandacares

Okay so we all talk about ‘making a difference’, ‘doing something good’, and since its Ramadan, we like to feed the less privileged communities. But then what holds us back?  Its questions like ‘How?’, ‘How to make a difference?’, ‘How to find the truly deserving ones?’. What if I tell you that you can do all of it with just a vote? Yes, you read it right. You don’t have to pay a single penny or buy something to donate. You just have to make a comment with your vote. Wondering how is that possible? Well here’s how it is. This Ramadan, globally recognized food delivery giant foodpanda, with collaboration with Edhi Foundation and Saylani Welfare Trust has recently launched a unique, one of its kind campaign known as “foodpanda iDonate” where you can come forward to make a difference with just a single vote.


Foodpanda iDonate is a campaign where they are not asking you to make financial or commodities based donations. They are not even asking to order a meal using either their website or foodpanda app and some amount of the total cost would go into charity. All they are asking you is to go to their Facebook page, pick a staple item (rice, daal, flour or sugar) of your choice and comment in the Comment Box. Foodpanda will make donations for that food item to Edhi and Saylani Welfare Trust. The campaign invites people to interact on foodpanda social media platforms to enable their consent in donation of staple food items.

According to foodpanda, “Ramadan is a vital time to feed the hungry and poor. foodpanda has designated a budget which will be consumed for donations of staple food.

Foodpanda has done their part. Now its your turn to step forward, play your part and make it happen. Visit FoodPanda Facebook Page or Twitter and vote for a staple item that you want to donate. The more the votes, the more the donations. Share this campaign around as much as you can and help foodpanda, Edhi & Saylani Welfare Trust feed the needy ones during this holy month. The hashtags for this campaign are #Monthofblessings and #foodpandacares.

A little kindness goes a long way. We don’t get opportunities like this very often. Let’s unite and make most of it.

Good luck foodpanda!


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