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Appreciate little gestures

I am a firm believer of “a little kindness goes a long way“, that in fact, is the mantra of my life. I try my best to make people around me happy. I try my best to make their days special by little kind gestures or appreciation. I love bringing a smile one someone’s face when they are feeling low especially when they have earned crap from the world which they don’t deserve. Yes, nobody deserves crap or to be treated like crap.

Okay so now getting down to business, I am not pointing fingers towards anyone. I am talking about myself  here because I cannot deny that fact that I have done the same. Yes, I have seen people cribbing about how their “friends”, “people they hold dear” do not appreciate them, judge them, complain about them. But I still won’t point fingers towards anyone since I too have done the same in past. While we were cribbing about “our people letting us down”, we completely ignored the attention others were trying to give us, the support, those little kind gestures we crave for from people who may never give us that.

We always forget or deny the fact that no words/nothing can take back or undo the pain our words, our actions and behaviors may have caused someone. What we can do is appreciate gestures and kindness regardless of who it’s coming from or how little or big it is. It’s a huge sin to hurt a kind heart. The world is full of people who don’t appreciate little thing that are blessings in disguise. Lets make sure we don’t end up like them and if we are one of them, its never too late to make changes.

People will always try to tear others apart. Why not build them or just help them building themselves up like you know, give them a hand maybe. Everyone needs a person in their weak moment(s). Even if they say they don’t, presence in any form is still needed. Everyone needs a person to stand by them or to appreciate them or to remind them they have someone to turn to, someone to hold on to. There is someone who genuinely care about them. We live in a world full of cruelty and injustice. Why not be the good person and spread love and happiness cause honestly, the world needs it that too in unlimited amount!


22 thoughts on “Appreciate little gestures”

      1. You should :) dont worry everyone will like it. I am sure about myself atleast :) if u dont wanna publish send me all of them via email :p


      2. Well they are mostly about how the world (friends and closed people included) abandons someone during their grieving period when they need their people the most. Constantly arguing with myself if I should highlight those bitter realities or hide them

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      3. Tell u the truth, thats my situation these days. People leave in the hardest times. I would love to read those. I am sure i can relate with them..


      4. No it’s ok. I like to read what i can feel. If u don’t want to make them public (if they are too personal) u can use email too. Just saying


      5. No I’m fine with sharing whatever I observe or feel in public as:
        A) I like highlighting things people ignore and then later on crib about ‘there is no humanity’, ‘this world is a cruel place’. I cannot ignore and go blind over realities.
        B) my father’s death made me fearless enough to express my thoughts and since writing is one of my mediums to express and let it out, I’d do it ’cause keeping it all in is only damaging me more from inside which I can’t afford.

        Hopefully, you’ll see a post soon. For now I need to get done with my exams and get things at work under control.

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  1. Glad to know that you have the courage. I will be waiting for your post :)
    Good luck with your exams and whatever u r upto.
    Tell me if i am of any help in any regard :)


    1. When life keeps breaking you time and time again, you learn how to hae courage ’cause you know the final blow will completely shatter you and you’ll need courage, strength to get back up and fight not for yourself but for the people you love.

      Gathering all the thoughts to start a new series over the weekend inshAllah. Hopefully, I won’t disappoint you as it’ll be jam packed with realities, emotions, observations, lessons, and alot of other thing.

      Thank you so much :) my exams didn’t go well. Eventhough I was prepared, I just couldn’t do well with all the depression and stress.

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  2. Hey, don’t worry about the exams ok? I will surely pray for you InshaAllah you will succeed well.
    I will be waiting for your posts, idk why i am so excited about them.. I am sure i will love them :) you are a strong girl. What if the people who are breaking you are the ones you love the most. You can skip the question :) but i need to know you.


    1. I am not worried about exams. I still have chance to bounce back.
      You are my only reader at the moment. I am happy that you are excited to read what I want to share :) thank you so much. Means alot.
      Well, in my experience people we love the most are the ones who hurt us the most.One of the reasons is that we expect way too much from them and when they don’t meet our expectations we get hurt. But its okay as its a part of growing as a person. Also at times, people we love hurt us intentionally to help us grow and learn.
      You can read my previous posts to know a bit about me. My posts are usually reality based :)

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  3. Good luck with your studies :) you are right about most of the things tbh but tell me an ultimate solution to move on from the dead ends? How to stop expecting? How to become interesting rather than boring for them? Idk its the deja vu of every time. Same pattern.
    I will read yout blog in the evening to know better about you :) are you on any social network?


    1. Thank you so much :)
      To tell you the truth we never stop expecting. Even when we say we have, there is still a part of us expecting.

      “How to become interesting rather than boring for them?”
      I have an answer for this too but that is a part of the post coming on Saturday(hopefully, InshAllah) so wait for it.

      All my social network links are on my blog. You can find them in the ‘Contact’ page

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      1. I am waiting for your post :)
        plus can I call you ‘sister’? i think you deserve this respect. i dont know why but you do.


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