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Attention all booklovers in Karachi!! A Trunk Show is coming your way!!


If you are a bookworm then you must have wanted to carry your favorite book everywhere you went. But there must have been various instances when you just couldn’t. Imagine carrying your all time, absolute favorite book no matter where you went that too in shape of a clutch. Yes, you heard it right! Bastay turns it into reality. Gone are the days of customized phone cases only. Bastay brings you customized book clutches. They are having their very first exhibition in Karachi along with brands like Rhinestore Deor and Mina Siddique at Address Home Store on Saturday, 14th of November, 2015. Mark your calendars and be there to pick your favorites first since anyone there just wouldn’t resist buying their beautiful, trendy and artsy book cover clutches. Drop by and have a look at their new collection upclose and personal.


Bastay is a Lahori brand that offer a variety of handbags and purses, medium or large, fashionably designed just for you at very affordable prices.

Bastay also offers you customized and unique designs. Each design has a maximum of 5 pieces hence you can be sure and proud of being a unique ‘basta’ owner and can stand out from the crowd.

Here I would like to take a moment to say I just LURRVEEE the name, “Bastay”. It gives a very nostalgic feeling!

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands. – Neil Gaiman

“A BOOK CLUCTH is a fashionista’s dream that u hold in your hands. – Bastay

Look at those lovely book clutches!!!

When it comes to customization, Bastay has no limit. They can flawlessly turn anything you like or love into a clutch or bag. Have you ever imagined carrying a clutch or bag that looked like a box of your favorite cereal. Cool no?


So if you are someone who wants to stand out and want something special that can make you special and enhance your individuality then Bastay is the brand for you! Check out their Facebook page: Bastay and Instagram: bastayofficial

Do visit them at the trunk show. Show your presence by using the Hastag: #AddressTS

Hoping to see you there :)


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