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Of choices, post mugging, random musings & thoughts

Today marks 3 weeks of me being deprived of my phone, my cards and hard-earned money. When people get mugged, I have seen them cursing, wishing bad for the person or even harming or wanting to kill them. I have also seen people having this urge to steal from others as a revenge. The list will go on and on and on so I will stop here. I was deprived of my phone which I bought from my first ever salary, it held some very precious memories of my late father and my life of the past 1 & a half years. I still cannot bring myself to wish bad for the person. This was the third time I was being mugged, only I didn’t have a gun pointed at me this time around but I never lost as much as I lost that day. Never before I had to go through such a humiliation of begging for a phone to call home then for 30 rupees to go back home. I still cannot bring myself to even say, “Karachi, you’re killing me!” 

By no means I am judging anyone. I am just sharing some thoughts and things I have heard from people. Also I am trying to understand how can someone responsible for their family can make a choice that harms others when they too know how it is to be deprived of something? To be very honest, I cannot fathom the mere thought of making a choice that leads to stealing someone’s hard-earned belonging just to feed those I am responsible for. Let me make this clear that I am not trying to prove myself pious or a good person even. I am just stating facts and thoughts.

How can someone be at peace while feeding their families by earning through wrong means? I have seen some very dark times, I have seen hunger too but I cannot recall a single moment my parents or even us sisters thought about even asking for help from people. My father (while he was working) always worked very hard, pushed himself beyond his limits to feed not just his family but whoever he could which conditioned his daughters (us) to work our way through by working harder.

How does one silence their inner conscious, constantly asking them how can they harm someone else, even leave someone in trauma for days (sometimes even for life) . A very good friend of mine lost her only brother for not taking snatching seriously. Those heartless people (may Allah guide them) shot him straight in his heart for merely a mobile phone worth 2,000 rupees. Was his worth just 2,00 rupees? Absolutely not! He was a gem of a person. I knew the kid since he was a little boy. I saw him grow tall into a teenage boy. Just a few days before he was shot dead, he aced his boards, also, he turned 16. I cannot forget the words of his mother, “Abhi to yeh us umer pay pohancha tha jispay mein khuwab aur umeedain jor sakti thi issay” (he just reached the age where I could attach dreams and hopes with him). With him died that flicker of hope and dreams that just lit up. What is very disturbing is that those men who shot him didn’t stop there. They shot him and went to the next street to rob a barber shop while the parents saw their only son and sisters saw their only brother take his last breath. (May his soul rest in peace)

How is it right to steal or to kill someone just to feed those you are responsible for? How can one make that choice? Yes being responsible for other lives puts one in a huge pressure but how is it right to take away someone’s hard-earned money? Even special people work hard earn and feed not just themselves but others too. What drives such people to do such a thing? Can you think of a reason? If you do, please share.

2 thoughts on “Of choices, post mugging, random musings & thoughts”

  1. Sehrish, my astonishment at how conscienceless people are is literally the same as you. I cannot even imagine how a person can even sleep at night knowing that they’ve robbed other people of their sleep. Their dreams, their hopes, their years worth of savings, their children, their reason to live and dream…
    How can they sleep at night when those mothers are crying for their lost sons?
    Defeats me. Seriously.


    1. You covered the points I missed.
      At times I wonder don’t they get nightmares? I mean,now whatever you do, you get rewarded or punishment in this world. How come those who take away someone’s life go on with their lives? Doesn’t the last expressions of the person they took life of haunt them? If they pass by the same road, street or any place that screams of what they have done here, don’t their legs shake with fear? The more I think, the more heartbroken I get.


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