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#onlyonFoodPanda – NYP’s New #CalzoneSupreme Is Love!

If you know me then you probably know that among the many things that I absolutely love include ‘food‘ and ‘panda‘. If you put them together you get FoodPanda! They love surprising their loyal customers every now and then. Last month, they surprised me with the new-on-the-menu #CalzoneSupreme by The New York Pizza.


It was a gigantic 16 inch scrumptious Calzone stuffed generously with Italian white sauce, mushrooms, chicken chunks,  salami(or is it bologna?), green peppers, lots of mozzarella and herbs. The crust is very soft, won’t get soggy or harden as it gets cold.


                                                           Look at the size of it!

The things that I loved the most was that each slice was equally and generously filled with all the goodness. It had a different taste. It had all the ingredients that a pizza may have but it did not taste like a pizza.

Up close. See how big one slice is!

One slice is literally going to fill you up. Another catch is the price. Despite of its huge size, it’s still on the lower side.

If you are someone who likes or loves spicy food then you might not like this but all in all, it’s a yummy treat for everyone. :)

Watch how its made with love

2 thoughts on “#onlyonFoodPanda – NYP’s New #CalzoneSupreme Is Love!”

    1. I used to be an intense foodie until before my father passed away. Infact being a foodie is in my genes since my father was an intense foodie too. He was the one who taught me how to bake and cook. When we pulled all-nighters, our favorite thing to do was experiment with midnight snacks. :)


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