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#MarvellousCreations Carnival by #CadburyDairyMilk & Product Review

Saturday, 13th of February, 2016, Mondelēz Pakistan in collaborations with Asiatic Public Relations Network (Pvt.) Ltd held a PR event to introduce their new sub-brand; Marvellous Creations at Dolmen City Mall, Clifton. The activation took place in a form of a carnival like setup along with various games & activities. A booth for tasting the new product was set up in the food court..

The coolest invite ever!


I loved the combination of Purple and Bright Magenta Pink. There were games like candy crush, dart board for both kids and adults. There were props to take cool pictures while using them. What I loved the most were the floating/handing candies and chocolates. It was a very lively, colorful and happening event where not only kids but adults had fun too.


Now lets talk about the new Marvellous Creations which are launched in two of the most popular variants: Jelly Popping Candy and Cookie Gummy Crunch. The main concept behind these Marvellous creations was to bring together a magical mix of delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with fun candy store ingredients that make for a surprise in every bite. I’d say they did live up to what they promised. I am one of those people who not just eat chocolate by chewing it away, I like it to melt away and enjoy the overall experience of eating a chocolate. So when I saw the TVC, I was very much intrigued by the ad and was instantly tempted to try these out. I tried it before the launch took place. When I took my first bite of the Marvellous Creations Jelly popping candy (which is my favorite out of both variants) I was taken back to my childhood where we had this popping/cracking powder which I still try to find. If you are a late 80s kid, you know what I am talking about. Me and my father used to get it especially to enjoy the experience of it popping on our tongues. The popping candy does give a feel of something magical. It’s like you take a bite and expect the silky smooth chocolate to melt away but you are surprised by the magic happening in your mouth. As for the other variant which is the Cookie Gummy Crunch, I like it as the cookies give you that crunch but I don’t like the gummy jellies at all. I wish Cadbury omits them from these marvellous creations. All in all, I am really happy that Cadbury came out with something new for all the chocolate lovers.

As Forest Gump stated, ‘Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get’,  tou kiyoun na kuch meetha hojaye? :D Do try out the new Marvellous Creations and share your thoughts. :)


Candy Crush and it wasn’t easy to win!
The crew who made the feel of a carnival more stronger!
New Marvelous Creations Tasting Booth

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