INKOMPASS – Discover a new way of interning


We all have gone through a phase where we did had to do an internship as it was a requirement for our degrees but what we didn’t like about our internships were the unnecessary/mundane/absolutely useless tasks that led us to learn nothing.  You may have a different experience with your internship but let’s be honest here, internships here aren’t that challenging that would let an individual to discovery their true potentials or give them a directions. Well is about to change. Let me tell you about Inkompass.

What Is Inkompass Program?

Inkompass global is a personalized 2- cycle internship program which enables individuals to DISCOVER themselves through challenges and cultural diversity. This program is offered to undergrad students(from any discipline) in their second year.

How to apply?

2nd year undergrad students take the online test on Inkompass website and upon successful completion, they are interviewed by the teams and taken on board.

Duration and why is it the #BestInternshipEver?
Inkompass six-week internship which is magnificently paid, Interns learn portable skills from real business challenges and projects. They are given global exposure, career direction, and an exceptional experience. As the batch successfully completes the first round of internship, they are again taken on board the next year for round 2, while they are in their third year of their degree. When both rounds of internships are completed, the interns are guaranteed with job placement at PMI, which is like hitting the jackpot. Oh and Inkompass interns called “Inkompass Incredibles”.

I hope more organizations focus on such internship programs and opportunities for undergraduate.

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