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Do Yourself A Favor; Let Yourself ‘FEEL’!

I am not an expert on anything but I have learned A LOT of things, well actually everything the hard way. I am not even remotely kidding when I say that I have learned everything the hard way. It’s a truth that I have come to terms with as at the end of the day, it helped me pull myself up (that too on my own). I am a person who have always turned off emotions on instances where someone from my family needed to be the calm one who wouldn’t panic but handle the situation. Hence I have killed my emotions time and time again. It has always damaged me but I never stopped. I have paid a huge price for it so here is me asking you to do yourself a favor and let yourself ‘FEEL’! 

You know there is a reason why we are given feelings. Feelings are what makes us humans. We are not superheros but just human who can break whether it’s emotionally, mentally or physically and that’s totally normal and totally okay. Trust me when I say that you do not need to bottle up your emotions. That’s one of the worst damages you could do to yourself. When you start bottling up your feelings you are turning yourself in a mountain that has all this lava piling up which will eventually erupt bringing more damage because again you’re just a human! You know what the lava does? As it moves forward, it not just destroy whatever comes in its way but leave behind barren/damaged land which could be so for eternity. But when you turn yourself into a lava erupting mountain, when the lava oozes up, it leaves behind you as an emotional mess who wants to stay home, curl up in a ball and cry all day long. That is not who you are. It’s a part of you, you have to fight because that part of you has this anger, this intense hatred and regret filled in which will only do more damage and make you hate yourself. Nobody should hate themselves cause nobody deserves to be hated by anyone; not even themselves. So, do yourself a favor, let yourself ‘ F E E L ‘ !

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