Having Everything Yet Being Unhappy & Ungrateful – Why So?

Its been a while that I have been noticing something not just on my social media profiles but around me in real life too. It’s that almost everyone around me is either travelling or getting engaged/married or having babies or meeting old friends or getting done with their major degrees or landing in new better jobs or doing something awesome. Yet they are still unsatisfied/unhappy and super ungrateful which is completely beyond me. I mean if you are able to pay your bills, have a roof on your head. Your parents are alive and healthy. You are able to feed your family. On top of all of that you have time to spend with your family and friends and you are healthy then what else could you possibly ask for? The fact that you have someone to talk to, people who love you is more than enough for you to be happy/satisfied and grateful. Some of us don’t even have the time to even sit with our families or friends and let it all out. People don’t love but judge/hate us for the choices and sacrifices we make because to them they seem to be absolutely wrong ones. Nothing ever matters yet we keep trying because giving up isn’t an option. If you have everything or even little things then why can’t you be grateful?

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