Rose Petal Launches Its New Ad Campaign


Karachi: 13th April, 2016: One of the biggest tissue brands in the country, Rose Petal recently launched its new ad campaign which creates awareness about the usage of disposable products to ensure the hygiene of the people.

4The TVC sheds light on three different daily based occurring situations where a mother is cleaning the house with her dupatta, a woman using a cloth in the kitchen for cleaning purposes and a person sitting on the toilet seat without cleaning it. In those situations Bhygeine comes in and catches people when they are about to make a hygiene blunder and stops them in their tracks.

5The products highlighted in the TVC are the facial tissues that are used for basic face and hand cleaning to ensure the hygiene of the consumer, Rose Petal Zzoop; a multi-purpose cleaning partner at home and Rose Petal Maxob which ensures the hygiene of the consumer in toilet, giving them a clean toilet experience.

Rose Petal TVCs are on air from 8th April 2016 talking via Bhygiene about these daily habits and has promoted the usage of Rose Petal disposable tissues to ensure the hygiene of the people.

Watch the TVC to see how Bhygiene blows the whistle on this seemingly common but harmful habit and advises on replacing them with Zzoop Paper Towels which is a more sanitized way of cleaning surfaces.

About Rose Petal:

Rose Petal offers products manufactured under highest standards of hygiene and quality to meet the household and cleanliness needs of its consumers. It currently provides a complete range of tissue papers and paper products that are convenient, quick and easy to use. Ranging from facial tissues to toilet rolls, table napkins, pocket packs, kitchen rolls, party packs.


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