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Transition from Kindergarten to High school

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Education is a very integral part of any individual as it shapes them not just for today but for tomorrow as well. When we talk about educating kids, our society is divided into two categories. One that strongly believe that providing a strong base to kids is a must as that makes the process of shaping kids to be a much sensible individual. Whereas, the others believe that a strong base is not so important. What is important is the later education.

I personally think that strong base (kindergarten) is a very integral part of any kid’s life. The world has become so competitive that you need to train your child from Kindergarten. You need to make sure that the school he goes to not only provides him bookish knowledge but train him for the competitive practical world.

While your kids are moving from Kindergarten to Elementary School; from Elementary school to secondary school and then to High school, buying their  school essentials such as course books, school bags, uniforms, shoes, and other stationary items from different places comes in as a hassle. But guess what, has set yet another benchmark in Pakistan’s online shopping industry by launching the first ever Education e-store. Offering a one-stop solution for the needs of parents, students, teachers and schools, Yayvo allows customers to order online or just call 1111-YAYVO (1111-92986), to purchase school essentials like uniforms and school shoes, course books, school accessories, school gear and stationery of over 60 schools from across the country in an easy and convenient manner and have the items delivered to their doorstep.


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