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Who Can Help Me With Making This Society A Little Better Place?

I have been avoiding posting on this blog about anything especially the incidents that have taken place and still are taking place since the night my father passed away. But it’s not that I am only remaining silent on the injustice and all the ridiculous stuff a female has to go through. I have been tweeting about it, also, I have been working on various projects which I want to be a reality one day. Why I want these projects to work is because I have observed A LOT and I strongly believe these are issues/areas we need to work on.

Two months, a girl who always told me that I am an inspiration for her lost her father. As strange as it may sound but it hit me harder than seeing my own father die right in front of my own eyes. I have a fair idea of why it was like that but I won’t talk about the reasons. Anyways, what that brave girl went through and the way she held up make me so proud of her! I won’t take her name since she don’t want more attention as she has gotten it both positively and negatively. She is the reason I decided now is the time I step in and ask about people who could actually help me with my projects. I know there are people but I want to connect with the right ones.

I haven’t shared this with anyone because its hard for me to talk about how my father died, what we went through and what we’re still going through. Each day we get a new blow from the society and so-called relative but we refuse to be a victim and stop fighting.
What I am about to share is different from that girl’s story but the questions she has raised, is what I having been trying to find solution of and I think I have a few.
Even though I live in the city of lights, Karachi, it was 2 am when my father complained about having trouble in breathing. I rushed him to the nearest hospital where my father went in walking on his feet, then he collapsed, started having fits and the process of him dying started. The doctor on duty literally kicked him out for he didn’t want a man to die peacefully on his watch. No other hospital nearby had an ICU for my father in his last moments. Yes, it wouldn’t have helped because it was time for my father to go but that night I realized 3 things:
  1. How selfish some doctors can; Some have even forgotten that they take an oath to serve humanity
  2. We need to work on building up at least 1 ICU in both govt. and Private hospitals just for the sake of those who can be saved.
  3. We need to get rid of this parchi/recommendation culture.

I have a sister who is almost a doctor now and we have raised her to be one of the finest doctor just so she can make a difference that she can make. Rest, I am willing to play my part to help, in any way I can. I just need to connect with the people who want can help me with my projects.


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