Person of the Year 2016

No doubt she is the person of 2016! The writer did a great job with the post. Hira, I will ALWAYS call you ‘Heerious’ cuz for me it defines who you truly are: ” Hira Amjad Ali, who wins at every battlefield of life, fair and square!” 😊 <3


Everyone knows someone whom they would like to say the person of the year 2016 like Abdul Sattar Edhi (RIP), Junaid Jamshed (RIP), Amjad Sabri (RIP), Gen. Raheel Sharif, Misbah-ul-Haq, etc. Without any doubt, each individual is the person of the year.
I would also like to name someone as the person of the year.

{IN MY OPINION} The Person of the Year 2016 is HIRA AMJAD ALI.

Here is the story about her:

It was March 10th, 2016. Hira went to the Agha Khan University Hospital to collect her biopsy report, she had gone under a minor surgery recently to remove a lump on the right side of her neck.
She had been recently engaged three months back in December 2015 and was preparing for her wedding which is to be held in March 2017.
After few moments, the doctor entered the patient lounge and…

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