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#Sparkistan – The New Anthem Of Sparking Pakistanis


There is no doubt that Pakistan is full of extremely talented and dedicated people. But I have always wondered that there must be some people who selflessly work solely to make Pakistan’s name shine bright. They might have not gotten the appropriation and recognition they deserve and they are okay with it for that’s not what motivates them. Fort, Atlas Battery took this amazing initiative to find these unsung heroes and bring forward the true spark of our nation. They travelled all over Pakistan to find these stars and record their sparking story. Altas Battery will be revealing the stories of 15 heroes who were never given the fame they truly deserved.

Atlas Battery released a Sparking Anthem that gave me goosebumps!

Atlas Battery has unveiled the first unsung hero of Sparkistan. His name is Dr. Naeem Taj. He is a surgeon who specialized in general/laparoscopic surgeries.


img_1153The Guinness Book of World record has issued surgeon Dr. Naeem Taj of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital a certificate recognizing his major achievement of removing the World’s Longest Gall Bladder (5,568 stones from a 25.5cm gall bladder) through laparoscopy. Not just that, after that he was awarded with another certificate for removing the Longest Appendix from a child which was 21cm long.



Watch the story of Dr. Naeem Taj:


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