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Wafa Ka Mausam – A Freshly Baked Tale About To Hit The Silver Screen


Almost every week we witness a drama coming to an end and a new one replacing an old one. I feel like nowadays every drama somehow revolves around the same plot. Rarely a drama beats every other drama by addressing a strong message or a social issue or even have a story. That is what breaks my heart for I grew up watching the classics which till date are my absolute favorite. Those were the drama that moved us, made us cry, laugh and feel proud that it’s a Pakistani drama.

TVOnePk recently launched a brand new drama titled ‘Wafa Ka Mausam’ . The cast includes actors we have loved over the years and have seen them play countless roles flawlessly. A few names include Aijaz Allah, Shafqat Cheema, Adnan Jeelani, Neelam Munir, and Haya.

The drama serial is about everyone claiming their live for each other; shot in the interior beauty of Punjab.

The bloggers’ Meetup at Patio was graced by the presence of the cast and the direct of the drama who shared their overall experience.


While shedding a light on her character, actress Neelam Munir sai, that her character in this drama was by far the most challenging role of her career and she feels that she has done full justice to it. Well, we shall see.

The story revolves around a girl loved by two guys and as the story proceeds, we shall witness a lot of changes along with twist and turns of the story plot. This drama also shows the loved a father for his daughter. All in all, the story is about love at different stages of life but the core of the plot is how one’s ego overpowers the emotion of love and changes everything.



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