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WingItt – Finally Something For The Chicken Wings Lovers!

We have way  too many food chains that offer almost all kinds of eateries, the fact that nobody thought about chicken wings  it has always broke my heart that nobody thought about chicken wings served as a proper complete meal. We see them as appetizers or as sides but never as a main course meal. But not to be sad anymore, my dear chicken wings lover friends because the heavens above has heard our prayers. Yes, I am about to unveil a world of chicken wings goodness.

My dear chicken lover friends, I present to you, WingItt!! *get the reference? *


So, thanks to my mentor Shafiq Ul Hasan, I had a chance to meet him at this amazing place where all I could think of was wings, wings and more wings. It was supposed to a business meeting but I guess we both being a diehard foodie chose the wrong venue which we do not regret at all.

After looking at the menu I was taken by surprise as there were more than 5 options of flavor available. My mouth instantly started watering and the impatient person I am, I just couldn’t wait to devour those scrumptious flavored wings. I tried my best to try as many as I could to give a genuine review.

We decided we will order in batches. First we ordered Scheff’s recommended, “Honey Mustard” wings. I personally like the flavor of honey mustard and I am familiar with the flavor, thus, I went for it. These honey mustard wings were light and sweet. In terms of flavor, the wings were well-balanced. Also, they were juicy and tender. So, Honey Mustard do gets my approval.

The next batch to no surprise had to be the “cheese wings” because I am all about the cheesy flavor. I am one of those people who go all, “YES PLEASE!”, when asked for cheese. To me these cheese wings were okay. I couldn’t understand the flavor. I couldn’t decide whether they were bland or the cheese oomphed up the flavor. But like I said, they were okay.

Next up was “Buffalo wings”, I went with the ‘original’ one whereas, Scheff went with the ‘Hot’ one. He offered me to taste but I was like, No! I want my taste buds alive to test the remaining ones. So, the original was spicy but not too spicy. I’d say it was just the right amount of spicy for those who want a slight punch of spicy flavor. As for Scheff, I did see him lost in that moment where spice numbs your senses and you end up being like, ‘who am I?’, ‘where am I?’ Anyways, my verdict is that if you are someone who like a balanced or average punch of spice then do try the Buffalo wings.

Being a desi, be it fries or tikka, we always want a sprinkle of masala over it so how could we not try the masala ones? In terms of flavor, these “Masala wings” were very basic. However, they were the right amount of crispy on the outside. Remember how Maa, made those jhat pat fried wings for snacks served with sham ki chai? These masala wings tastes exactly like those. If you want a walk down the memory lane, do try these masala wings and have a fun nostalgic ride. I’d say these are the safest ones to order.

I skipped “Barbeque” and “Spicy Garlic” on purpose. “Wasabi” and “Hot Pepper” were the flavors I know I just couldn’t take. Hence, skipped them.

To this point I was almost close to being full so I decided I would go for one more flavor before I went for the dessert as Scheff raved about it plus ‘Dark chocolate’ made me sold already. I just cannot resist chocolate especially dark chocolate.

The last flavor I ordered was “Sweet and Tangy”. As the name suggests, these chicken wings were both sweet and tangy. The tanginess is what makes these ones different from the “honey mustard” ones.

All in all, I recommend these WingItt Chicken wings. Each serving was decently sized which is where mostly food chains lose. Do stop by at WingItt, it’s located at Bukhari Commercial, next to T – Mart and Necos.


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