That switch

Exactly what a person goes through while battling depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, its a taboo to speak about it. Even educated people don’t consider ‘mental illness’ a real thing.

Its not easy to talk let alone blog about it and let the world know what it feel like. It requires bravery and courage. Apnavi, has beautifully described everything. More power to her!

Sorcery Files

“Bas ho gaya na yaar.  was, yes, was blown. Now? You need to come out of it now. If you want to progress further with this. You have to work on yourself and be good again. Do you want to be better?”

That’s when I switched off my phone. Because that’s how I can shut people off. But I can’t switch my brain off right? The thoughts starts creeping in. I get a cup of coffee and take my medicine. For a person who is dealing with two demons at the same time (accute anxiety and depression), everyday is like lifting heavy weights, running, mountain biking, bunjee jumping, swimming, sky diving, falling off a cliff…etc, MENTALLY. While the person sits in one place the whole day (office desk) and the remaining time in bed not wanting to get up ever again. This is everyday for me.

Depression is not caring…

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