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29 Lessons I’ve Learned From 29 People

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I turned 29 this 17th September. I have my fair share of struggles and lessons that I have learned the hard way but there are lessons that I have learned from people. I have come across posts where people do this xx number of lessons I learned in xx numbers my life. I thought I’d do a different post and share 29 lessons I learned from 29 different people. The list is in no particular order, also the list does not include every single person that has taught me a meaningful lesson or two or even more. Without a further do, here’s my list of 29 lessons I learned from 29 people or you may say 29 people that have influenced me:

1. Fahad Farooqui

My bestest friend, my first ever mentor, my most treasured friend and well-wisher. The best thing by far that has ever happened to me. This man has taught me countless lessons and has played a major part in making me a better person in so many ways. I can literally do a whole post on the lessons he taught me about life, family, career, self-growth and everything in between but since I have to include 28 more people and their lessons in this post, I’ll share the first every lesson he taught me, that shapes how you deal with life and problems.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it.”

I never admitted to him that I applied this ever. Since I started applying this, I have seen some remarkable changes in how I see thing and how I handle them. Like now I stress less and focus on solutions more.

2. Sana Hussain

My second mentor and the second best thing to happen to me. Just like Fahad, this woman has taught me a full blog post worth of lessons. She is one rock solid strong and brave woman I look up to. I hope I can be a little bit of her while living under her shadow and learning from her. Apart from all the important lessons she taught me, the most important one has to be to pray to Almighty that,

“No matter what happens to me, please don’t let my heart turn into stone for You do not like those with hearts turned into stone.”

I am guilty of having my heart turned into stone a few times after my father’s death but after having a heart to heart conversation with this ah-may-zing woman, I not just pray but try not to let my heart turn into stone. And believe you me that has reduced my credit of regrets by a fraction.

3. Nabia Shakir

This beautiful lady has taught me a very important lesson which is very difficult to do but it’s very important for anyone to do. She taught me,

“Forgive yourself and love yourself because once you do that and master it, it will make a huge difference”

It is very important to forgive yourself for whatever happened because you CANNOT control everything. Also, it’s very important to love yourself because if you don’t love yourself why will anyone else love you?

4. Aliza Moiz

This naturally beautiful woman taught me never to give up. Even if things aren’t working out in your favor and everything is going down/falling apart, just keep going. Give your best shot no matter what. She has taught many more lessons to me. You should meet her and have a conversation with her.

5. Noor Jehan Arif

Oh boy, have I stalked this woman like crazy. She is full of so much wisdom that I just cannot pick one lesson I that I have learned from her. She is such a graceful and gorgeous woman. For her, specifically, I am going to leave links to her blog and social media profiles for you all to learn from her. Do read her writings.






6. Yumna Hayat

Another beautiful young girl who is super brave and gorgeous. This girl contacted me once before when my mother had an angina attack. Her words meant a lot to me. She sent so many prayers for my mother. Fast forward to when my father passed away, she helped me deal with the loss. I am forever indebted with the kindness and love she showed to me. She taught me how it’s always you who can help yourself get out of grief. No one can help you. Yes, people can support you emotionally, physically, and mentally but at the end of the day when you’re all alone, it’s you and only you who can help yourself.

7. Sumayyah Aidrus

One of the best bosses I’ve had. This super creative woman taught me a lot of thing. From making creative presentations to how to control your stammering and thoughts while you are giving a presentation. The biggest lesson she taught me is never to channel negative energies and thoughts in your art. When you are depressed or stressed out, don’t paint or write because you do not want to put your negative thoughts into your art and writings. I wish I get to work with her again.

8. Imran Pasha

One of my most amazing and coolest boss ever! I miss discussing ads with him. I miss hearing his interesting conversations full of knowledge. An ah-may-zinngggg man to work with. This man taught me the importance of turning negative energies and vibes into positives ones before releasing them.

9. Bilal Ahmad

Another one of the most amazing and coolest boss ever! Bilal bhai is more like an elder brother/fatherly figure for me. I will not listen to anyone’s advice but his because he will give the most honest ones. He taught me a lot. He taught me about digital marketing, advertising, activation and how to not isolate yourself and mingle with everyone around. Open up and talk.

I hope one day I can be good enough to go back to him, work with him and Imran and learn from the amazing duo.

10. Sehar Ali Raza Pir

An amazing and super cool lady to work with. I wish she was my boss so I could have learned a lot more from her. This beautiful woman taught me that when you are passionate about something, do it with full heart. You want to grow, don’t let anything stop you and there are no excuses when it comes to work.

11. Hira Shah Uzair

This pretty woman is that one woman who truly understands mental health and its illness/disorder. The HR Ninja and a very soft-spoken woman who will sit with you and talk to you whenever you need. She will listen to you and not judge you. During my time working with her, I have learned from her the importance of time, work and deadlines. She also taught me a lot about mental health which not much people will teach anyone.

12. Hira Amjad Ali

Where do I begin? Where do I end? What should I even write about this rock solid, real life super woman, iron lady and all superheroes combined? I can never put in words all that she has taught me but I’ll link you all up to her story. Read her story in her own words here: My journey through Cancer

PS: Do read her travel logs, you’ll feel like seeing those places right in front of you

13. Emad Zafar

This man will always have a very high place in my heart and eyes because this man has done what people rarely do. He taught me to love when the person you love is not lovable because that’s exactly when you need to love them, support them and stand with them. This man restored my believe in true love.

14. Sara Khalili

This woman is my inspiration and ray of light to continue my father’s legacy to help those who truly deserve help, silently. She taught me how to bring hope and happiness in someone’s life with little efforts. This woman does so much for so many people that she is masha Allah always embraced with prayers. I do not envy her.  I just hope and try to follow her footsteps.

15. Areeba Sheikh

My mentor for trying to find my way back to Him. My guide for when I lose my way. My teacher for when I need to learn something. Need I say more?

16. Hina Safdar

The super mommy and a real life super woman. Trust me on how I introduced her, she is truly that. The way this woman manages to keep up with the digital trends whilst juggling with household chores and looking after 3 little princesses is phenomenal and commendable. Seriously, hats off to her and that’s what I have learned from her apart from other lessons.

17. Bushra Joyo

This woman with the magical smile has taught me how to love and embrace your culture. How to appreciate the richness of our culture and to take care of nature. Apart from that, this woman is the reason I got through some of the hard phases of depression.

18. Sara Adil

Sara has been my true sister who taught me so much. Al though she is younger than me, she has shared so many pearls of wisdom with me and taught me so many lessons. One of the most important lessons she taught me is,

“Never judge anyone on their outer look or actions for you do not know if they are more close to Him than you. You don’t know if they cry all night pleading for His mercy.”

19. Adil Awan

Adil has taught me the important lesson of keeping a check on your own actions and not letting anyone get to you. He is the reason I still have my little home-based business running. He taught me how to take negative criticism positively. He also taught me to connect to Him and talk to Him when there is something that bothers me.

20. Arsalan M . Khan

This man is my inspiration and someone I look up to. He brought tears in my eyes when he said,

“I haven’t seen a much stronger and brave woman like you”. 

After my father passed away, this man taught me how to take care of my family. How to keep my family together.

21. Amber Zulfiqar

The free bird as I love to call her. This beautiful wanderlust has been an integral part of my learning in my hard phase and coming out as a much better and stronger person. Once she taught me,

“This world is like an airport and we all are waiting for our flight to take off. Live your life to fullest and be the best version of yourself until its time for your flight to take off.”

22. Aisha Zahid Randhawa

This multi talented super kind and loving woman is like an elder sister to me. She is one adorably pretty woman. She taught me to let go of my fear of trying something new and taking something a level up, something that I am passionate about. Anyone who has worked with her or work with her are lucky because professionally she is a great person to work with.

23 & 24. Aisha Mehdi & Sarah Jehan Naseem

What can I say about these beautiful, super kind, loving and caring women? These two have taught me how to be super kind to my younger. How to be super loving and caring to them. The way these two love me makes me wonder what did I ever do to deserve so much love and kindness.

25. Amna Abbas

This beautiful and super talented artist has taught me to be fearless with your art. She taught me to break stereotypes and boundaries and let your thoughts be your expression in form of your art.

26. Mahoor Jamal

This multi-talented artist taught me that you don’t really need expensive art supplies to create good art. You can do it with low quality supplies just as well. The key is practice. I always believed that but Mahoor’s art made my believe even stronger thus I will give her the credit for the lesson learned. Do check her artwork, you will be blown away!

27. Sana Farzand Ali

Been following this beautiful soul for years and I have seen her as a rock solid inspiration for if you have lost a parent or both. This woman has been my inspiration I have anchored to get through the phase of grief. I have learned how to stay kind and humble to others while dealing with pain from this woman. This is the best way I can describe what I have learn from her because I have never met her in person but she hold a high place in my heart.

28. Shafiq Ul Hassan

My content and blogging guru. I’ve had way too many conversations with him and how he patiently listens to all my crazy ideas and questions is honestly such a big blessing. He has taught me so much that literally no one would teach you. He is so humble that he even taught me what he could have used for his own benefit but he believes in passing on the wisdom. The biggest lesson that taught me was,

“Your content is what defines you so write it yourself. Be as creative and crazy as you want. Play with words and give the content your touch so that it stands out and paint a good picture of you. “

I truly believe in what he taught me. I am someone who loves playing with words and I firmly believe that if you are a content creator, your content speaks volumes for you. So, make you’re your content paints a good picture of you.

29. Faraz Ahmed

I have eaten this man’s brain like crazy for he has worked in the advertising industry. He understands how it hurts to see a bad ad or someone butchering marketing. I’ve had hours long conversations with him on advertising and marketing. So, whatever I know about advertising and marketing, After Fahad, most of it has come from this man alone.

Like I mentioned above, the list is in no particular order. Each one of these people have a very high place in my heart. I respect them, love them and hold them very dear. There are more people who have a huge impact on me and my life and I love and respect them equally.


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