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One month of Baba Jani gone…

Today marks a month my father passed away (May his soul rest in peace and may Allah elevate his rank in Jannah. Ameen). I made this 3 years back in attempt to capture one of the precious memories of my friend with his father after he passed away. Never knew I'd be sharing this as… Continue reading One month of Baba Jani gone…

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Pakistan, my identity.

Pakistan will always be my identity no matter where I go. Long Live Pakistan! I needed to check an online editing app plus I was bored so I made this. Since I was bored hence so many watermarks.

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Sketch made by me Lonely me  Lonely nights  Lonely street lights  A special friend  A special someone  Every where searches my lonely sights  Lonely me  Lonely you  Lonely people  Isn’t is so very true  Lonely life  Lonely death  Life’s last words spoken  Is just a lonely breath  Sharing pain  Sharing woes  That’s as far  As… Continue reading Lonely

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Minion drawing by me

Minion lovers! I present my Minion Drawing! Could have been better if i didn't have kids around me fighting for who gets to keep it plus it would have been ALOT better if it was in Black & White

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A random Charcoal sketch

It's been ages since I posted a new sketch that I did in my free time so here's one :) I saw a picture on Facebook I liked it and I decided I'll try to replicate it but it was colorful and when it comes to art I'm a person who prefers Black & white… Continue reading A random Charcoal sketch

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Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t break even- The Scripts

"Cos when a heart breaks no it don't break even" - The Scripts My lovely friend Miss Amina Kiani got me hooked to the song. So I had to make something related to it. And then again we go through several of heart breaks through our lives. Some we show, some we don't. Either way they… Continue reading Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t break even- The Scripts

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Vivid vœux 2 (vivid wishes 2)

  When I made the painting "Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)"  I showed wishes with stars and my friend Samad suggested that I should've used leaves instead. I promised him I'll redo the painting replacing leaves with stars. So here it is :) Made it on his Birthday, planned to give him as a birthday present but… Continue reading Vivid vœux 2 (vivid wishes 2)

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Tropical Island

  This is what happens when you force someone to paint who doesn't like to paint especially with OIL PAINTS!! In August 2012 my cousin who is more like an older sister to me and my younger sister moved out of her In-law's apartment to her own. So she asked me more like forced me to… Continue reading Tropical Island

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Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)

    We all have wishes. And we all send our wishes to the sky. I represented wishes with stars because mostly wishes are linked with stars. I know being a Muslim we don't believe in wishing upon stars but I didn't know what shape to give to wishes so I chose stars and then… Continue reading Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)