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A gift

This was made on request. It was my best friend's birthday and she asked me for a painting done by me, something blue so this is what i ended up painting.

Artwork, Paintings

Vivid vœux 2 (vivid wishes 2)

  When I made the painting "Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)"  I showed wishes with stars and my friend Samad suggested that I should've used leaves instead. I promised him I'll redo the painting replacing leaves with stars. So here it is :) Made it on his Birthday, planned to give him as a birthday present but… Continue reading Vivid vœux 2 (vivid wishes 2)

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Tropical Island

  This is what happens when you force someone to paint who doesn't like to paint especially with OIL PAINTS!! In August 2012 my cousin who is more like an older sister to me and my younger sister moved out of her In-law's apartment to her own. So she asked me more like forced me to… Continue reading Tropical Island

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Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)

    We all have wishes. And we all send our wishes to the sky. I represented wishes with stars because mostly wishes are linked with stars. I know being a Muslim we don't believe in wishing upon stars but I didn't know what shape to give to wishes so I chose stars and then… Continue reading Vivid vœux (Vivid Wishes)

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Colourful Baby

  I don't usually do colorful pieces until I'm forced or asked to do one so this is what I did for a friend who gave me a picture so replicate it. This is what I ended up with. Not perfect as I did this with soft pastels which were in block form. And yes… Continue reading Colourful Baby

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A sunset scene(kind of) made with colored chalk and simple black marker. Was going to add twigs but then Abdullah(my older nephew) was way too impatient to let me add them anyways used my nephew's school supplies which he gave me to use and now he wont give this back to me :( Last year… Continue reading Sunset

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Peacock Feather

  Just playing around with oil pastels. They are SO HARD to blend or may be I was doing it the wrong way. Anyways not my best work but yeah once someone said to me that 'sometimes it's the flaws that makes a thing unique and noticeable!'. So yeah uploading it :P Material used: Oil… Continue reading Peacock Feather

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Baby angel

One of my friends asked me to do a painting. I don't like painting especially with oil paints but that day surprising I was in a mood to paint that too with oil paints so I made this. Later on I added some white dots and don't even know why :/ Material used: Oil paints… Continue reading Baby angel