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I miss you, dearly!

Of old cars and old clocks, Of 3:00 am and old memories Of old memories and our old conversations Of old conversations and old us Of old us and a connection, something special Of something special and unspoken promises Of unspoken promises and broken hearts Of broken hearts and pain Of pain and tears Of… Continue reading I miss you, dearly!

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Black Day. Peshawar Attack 16-12-2014

100+ died; 100+ stories left untold, 100+ coffins; 100+ graves unfold. 100+ dreams another 100+ attached to them shattered, 100+ families devastated and scattered. Innocent minds, Scared for life, Terrified eyes that once were bright, Are now blank with fright. An ocean of tears, Trying to wash the innocent blood, All there is left is… Continue reading Black Day. Peshawar Attack 16-12-2014

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Smile, Hope, And Be strong.

Here, Hold my hand, Hold it tight. Place your head, on my shoulder. Still don't feel secure? Still don't find any comfort? Here, Let me put my arms around you, Cage you in them, Hug you tightly. Close your eyes, Whisper all your worries and sorrows, in my ears. Let them out, I'll lock all… Continue reading Smile, Hope, And Be strong.

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End This Insanity

Everytime it hurts, it hurts so bad. Everytime its the same, Only the intensity of pain is different. It keeps on increasing Every single time. Tear roll down. Ignored, Unseen, Forever denied! A fire burns inside me, Never does it die. Little by little, Piece by piece You kill me Why can't you kill me… Continue reading End This Insanity

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If My Heart Stopped, Would You Miss Me?

With tear filled eyes, Sorrowful cries I sit in a dark corner Shattered into pieces Alone is a small word for what I am What I'm going through is more than I can stand I wonder if I die will anyone care At my funeral will anyone be there Will anyone cry? To see me… Continue reading If My Heart Stopped, Would You Miss Me?

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Sketch made by me Lonely me  Lonely nights  Lonely street lights  A special friend  A special someone  Every where searches my lonely sights  Lonely me  Lonely you  Lonely people  Isn’t is so very true  Lonely life  Lonely death  Life’s last words spoken  Is just a lonely breath  Sharing pain  Sharing woes  That’s as far  As… Continue reading Lonely

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Music of Nature

Sky drums a beat as steady as a tide, Raindrops & ground collide, Rain creates a rhythm, fast is its pace, Tears rolling from my eyes matches the beat on my face, This steady drip-dropping of rain Makes me wonder if the entire world echoes my pain? Music of nature & the beat of my… Continue reading Music of Nature

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Prayers – unspoken words from heart

When everything feels like falling apart, Countless fears gather in your heart. When no one's help is going to make it any better Your soul starts to shatter. When you want your scars to heal, You just need someone trustworthy for real. When all your efforts end up in vain, You’re left with nothing but… Continue reading Prayers – unspoken words from heart

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Prisoner Of Loneliness

I am the prisoner of my loneliness  It sucks away my happiness  Filling me with depression and sadness  Tattering me  Shattering me  Scattering my soul in darkness  The cursing darkness makes me scream with pain  A tear drops  A fire that burns inside me  Dies away  Leaving behind  Ashes of my memories and happiness  A… Continue reading Prisoner Of Loneliness

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Raindrops From my eye A tear drops A pain held for so long Lost the battle and drops Seeing I'm all alone My smile drops (fades away) Asking for happiness Asking for joy Craving for love Craving for care On my knees I drop Watching the sky Shedding people's tears My faith drops Seeing each… Continue reading Raindrops